Hi, my name is John.

And I know that at this moment you couldn’t care less about my name…

But I promise you that by the end of this letter you’re going to love me.

And not because you’re gay or something, it’s because today finally you’re about to discover the hidden “ejaculation secret” that will allow you to last at least 20-30 minutes longer in bed and give mind-blowing sex to every woman.

All of this 100% naturally and in as little as a few days.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been suffering from premature ejaculation problems for years or just started to discover a few days ago that you last no longer than the blink of an eye.

The matter of fact is that your embarrassingly ejaculation problem will come to an end.

And the good thing is that you won’t feel this…

Horrible, soul-crushing humiliation every time that you cum within seconds.

I know, you’re probably skeptical and I completely understand it.

But trust me, pay close attention to this letter, and you’ll see WHY this is going to be the most important day EVER in your life.

Now, before continuing I’d like to tell you that you’re not alone.

Yeah, exactly – at this present moment, thousands upon of thousands of men all around the world are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Just like you, they’re feeling terribly frustrated and even anxious at the thought of having sex with another woman.

And it’s understandable; no man wants to last for a few seconds in bed…

…and be laughed at by the woman they find attractive and hot.

Well, perhaps I’m exaggerating.

No woman is going to laugh at your poor performance in bed.

They’re just going to say that “it’s OK” or “no problem, this happens.”

But you deep inside yourself you know perfectly well that she’s not satisfied at all and she’s already on her quest to find a man that could offer her better sex than you…

…Crushing your self-esteem against the wall and shattering it into thousands pieces.


Technically, over 40% of the males in this country suffer
from this common male sexual dysfunction.

But the good news is that premature ejaculation is not something that doesn’t have a cure.

In fact, believe it or not, TODAY you will discover it.

And this “magical cure” doesn’t involve…

  • Dangerous drugs that can put your health in jeopardy.
  • Complicated and ineffective affirmations or any bullshit new age exercises.
  • Creams or sprays.
  • More than 15 minutes of your time per day.

You don’t know it yet, but…

You’re in front of the definitive way to completely eradicate premature ejaculation from your life – forever.

And when I’m saying this I really mean it.

Because, afterall we all know that there are countless of products out there related to premature ejaculation – and how they’re are supposedly to help you out.

But the sad and disheartening truth is that most of them are pure waste of time and money.

Most of the “experts” that churn out these premature ejaculation products are nothing but scammers and charlatans that are gladly willing to fabricate lies and unproven methods to take your hard-earned money from you.

And you know what?

This really infuriates me because premature ejaculation is a problem that has an easy solution.

These experts make money off your desperation.

I know, something is really wrong here.

But, have you ever wondered why they keep on creating courses each and every month…

Writing books…

Filling your email inbox with crappy email messages which only purpose is to sell you something?

Think about it.

They’re NOT experts.

Neither are they interested in genuinely help you out to last more in bed and have fulfilling, mind-blowing sex each and every time that you pick up a woman in the bar or in the club.

But let me tell you something…

Luckily for you, you won’t have to go through the embarrassment of not doing “your job in bed” ever again.

You won’t have to be scared, nervous and sweaty at the thought of meeting a new woman again.

Nor you will have to feel the humiliation of hearing again, “Don’t worry, it’s all ok.”

I’m about to transform your life in a way that you would never it would be possible…

…And trust me, after reading this letter you will be excited at the fact of meeting another girl and fucking her like there’s no tomorrow!

So, you’re probably wondering who the hell I am and how I can help you, right?

As I told you before, my name is John Richardson and I’m a sex educator and researcher.

But with a slight difference that differentiates me from the rest: I’m very unorthodox when I do my researches.

Some guys on my block disapprove of me because all my ideas and discoveries in the premature ejaculation field are outside-the-box and, to be honest, a bit unconventional.

And I guess that they are jealous of me because I can say that I truly discovered a 100% fool-proof and effective method to mercilessly destroy premature ejaculation.

This is the first time that I’m revealing my effective cure on the internet…

But the thing is that over 400 men in my area are already enjoying the endless benefits of lasting longer in bed.

Every day my inbox is virtually flooded with dozens of emails thanking me for changing their life for the good – and the truth is that I feel kinda embarrassed.


Because it all began as selfish way to help myself to get premature ejaculation out of the map.

But eventually everything changed, and my motives drastically switched.

The thing is, I truly understand how you’re feeling right now.

Your despair…

Your frustration…

Your confusion as to why this is happening to you right now.

I know what you’re going through because not long ago I also suffered from premature ejaculation.

And boy, that’s something that I wouldn’t like to happen never again.

Believe it or not, a few years ago I couldn’t last in bed for more than one minute.

I’m not joking – I’m totally serious.

I always had a lot women crawling and salivating for me, and every time I’d hit the club it was normal to leave with a gorgeous hottie wrapped around me.

…Until that, everything was fine and well.

But as soon as we’d come into my room the sexually de-moralizing disaster occurred…

I could only last for
less than a minute.

And the worst thing is that the idea of lasting more than 2 minutes would make me feel like a hero.

I can perfectly recall the faces of utter disappointment in the women that I had sex with…

Not only that, but also I could feel how they wished another man instead of me would have sex with them.

It was embarrassing and frustrating…

I wished I could be swallowed by the soil every time I had sex with a woman.

But perhaps, the most painful thing about it all was that those women that I had met never called back.

They would just disappear and vanish like phantoms.

That made me feel that if my problem persisted, I would never be able to land a girlfriend.

All I can tell you is that those were desperate times.

I felt tension, anxiousness,
depression and even rage.

Rage at the fact that I couldn’t properly satisfy a woman.

And also that my self-esteem was completely destroyed…

You see, I’m the kind of dude that usually loves challenges and does things by myself, so everything’s was pretty clear to me.

I had to find out how in the world I could last longer in bed.

I didn’t want more.

I didn’t want to earn a six-figure salary, mansions or cars.

The only thing that I was hoping was to last longer in bed and have a fulfilling and lasting sexual relationship.

So, naturally I accepted the challenge and…

I swore to myself that I would finally discover the cure to my ejaculation problem, or I would die trying it.

To be honest, by that time I wasn’t 100% firmly sure about whether I would make it or not.

But one thing was clear: I was sure that all was worth it.

My private investigation commenced, and every single day I would literally devour every single book about premature ejaculation that came into my hands.

This is no exaggeration, but I believe that every day, I would spend up to 7-8 hours in front of boring books that could put anyone to sleep.

Not only that, but I also scoured forums and medical websites in order to learn more and see what was causing my breaking so fast in bed.

This is what I discovered…

All those “medical experts
were completely wrong.

They believe that premature ejaculation is mainly physical.

While this might hold a bit of truth, because in some cases it’s true, the main thing that causes you to finish disappointingly fast is trigged by psychological factors.

Now, you might think that this is old news.

But by that time it was a complete discovery to me.

And this discovery would eventually lead me to finally stumble upon, almost by accident, an effective, natural cure for premature ejaculation.

For another few months, I would carefully design a step-by-step approach.

Now, I won’t lie to you.

The first attempts of my early formula were a complete disaster.

I tried it with new women that I met, but the results were still disappointing.

But, something inside me told me that I had to keep fighting or else I would get stuck in a frustrating sexual life that would make me experience an emotional breakdown.

I kept researching, and after a few tweaks here and there, I eventually experienced a slight improvement.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it.

I thought that lasting 4 minutes more was pure coincidence or even luck, but little did I know.

I was on my way to finally last more than 20 minutes in bed!

Here’s what I did…

I kept compiling new information and tweaking my method over and over again.

I desperately wanted results, and I was firmly committed to that; so after more months of experimentation I stumbled upon the breakthrough that would change my life forever…

One day, when I was having sex with Amy (a girl that I meet in a club) I noticed that I was lasting more than normal.

5 Minutes passed by, and I was still rocking and rolling with her.

Then 10, 15 and 20 minutes.

Now, I’m embarrassed to tell you this…

But during all the time that I had sex with her I constantly checked my watch just to see how much time I could last.

I was in awe.

For the first time in many years, I would last more than 1 minute in bed.

I could see in Amy’s eyes that she was satisfied…

And also that my self-esteem as a man and my life was dramatically recovered and restored from the pain of suffering premature ejaculation.

I was literally flying in a cloud, but in order to avoid disappointments I had to check if this was for real or just a fluke.

This is what I did…

After my “discovery” I contacted Tom, a guy who although wasn’t one of my closest friend, was someone that I could share my method with.

But perhaps the main reason to me for approaching him was that he also suffered from premature ejaculation.

Over the phone, I told him what happened.

Naturally, he desperately wanted to have access to my formula, and he was also willing to try things out in order to restore his “manliness” with women in bed.

Obviously, he was suffering from premature ejaculation as well.

Next thing we did was meeting for coffee and discussing how we could work this out.

I handed him my formula and explained a few things to him that he had to put into action after absorbing all of the information.

He agreed with everything and was willing to give this a shot.

After a few weeks, I didn’t hear anything about him.

Not a call, an email or even a whatsapp message.

But, suddenly, while I was almost about to get a sweet nap, I received a call from him.

He was overly excited, and his enthusiasm was extremely contagious.

He told me that he had followed all my instruction to the letter, and after a wild night of sex he was able to last 14 minutes longer, a true record for him.

From the very same moment, I knew that I was onto something really big.

I thought that if every man on this planet who’s suffering from premature ejaculation could have access to my unique, proven and step-by-step formula, I could change many lives for the better.

Because, after all, I suffered from the shame of not being able to provide good sex to women.

I also suffered the terrible psychological consequences of premature ejaculation.

But as I told you before, all of this is about to change for you.

I’m about to share with you the exact formula that allowed me almost overnight to last much longer in bed, restore my damaged self-esteem…

and literally change my whole life in a way that I thought would never be possible.

Trust me, you’ve never seen something like this.

My method is natural, easy to implement and can get you results THIS very same night you use it.

Sounds unbelievable I know, but my method is based in two powerful factors that make it unique and SO powerful.


The first one is mental control.

I’m not taking about stupid techniques that most of the pseudo-researches are peddling or useless affirmations that you have to believe every day, but rather methods to control your thoughts when you’re having sex.

Believe me, if you’re able to “re-educate” your thoughts and move them wherever you want to, you will last much longer in bed.


The second element is physical control.

Physical control is an extremely important element when ejaculating.

My proven and potent method utilizes some easy-to-implement techniques that help through the whole process of drastically slowing down your ejaculation.

Now, before getting into the cool part – how you can get access to my proven method – I would like to explain why most of the “cures” that you see are fatally flawed…and why they will never work.

You see, it’s simple.

On the internet alone, you can find tons of articles, ebooks and god knows what else about the causes and supposedly effective “cures,” exercises and products that should stop premature ejaculation.

While some information is good,
some is horribly misleading.

Useless techniques such as PC movements, start-stop or squeezing for example, are often recommended…

…but the sad truth is that they don’t work, have never worked, and they will NEVER work.

Sex is about pleasure and having a good time, not about forcing yourself to do weird things and missing the chance to have the ride of your life.

Now, I’m sure that you want to end your problem for good.

And in order to achieve this, the first thing is stop reading harmful advice that you can find on internet forums, articles directories and websites.

Stop following the advice of people who are not interested in helping you – and pay attention to my words because believe it or not I can truly help you to last longer and restore your low self-esteem.

I’m really proud to finally present to you my revolutionary and 100% natural cure for premature ejaculation…

…A comprehensive, step-by-step program that will allow you to last from 20 to 30 minutes more in bed and finally be able to restore and balance your actual sexual life.

Not only that, but you will also be able to recover your damaged self-esteem and confidence.

I worked really hard in creating this potent and effective method, and finally today you will get access to it.

Let me proudly introduce to you…

Stamina Guide – The Permanent and Natural Cure for Premature Ejaculation

Stamina Guide is the revolutionary breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s a fool-proof system that’s been successfully tested on more than over 400 men and drastically changed their lives for the better.

In this extensive, insightful and step-by-step training program I reveal all of my techniques, methods and my unique and potent formula that took me years to fine-tune and tweak.

This, amongst other thing, is what you’re about to discover in “The Stamina Guide…”


The REAL reason and causes why you’re experiencing premature ejaculation . In order to effectively fight your enemy, first you must deeply understand it. I will reveal the real causes of premature ejaculation and what you can do about it.
My proven, unique and 100% natural method that will allow you to last from 20 to 30 minutes more in bed . Remember that my breakthrough formula is so powerful, that you can see almost immediate results…as fast as this night!
How to have a stronger, rock-solid erection and melt away your sexual partner . As important as lasting longer in bed is to have a rock-solid erection. I will reveal my unique methods to make this happen this night!
The real way to address your ejaculation problem and eradicate it from your life forever…and to finally get PERMANENT results . Make no mistake, some “remedies” such as creams or pills have little results that are gone by the next morning. However, with my proven ejaculation method you will attain PERMANENT results!
100% natural and safe – “The Stamina Guide” is based in a successful formula that’s natural, and doesn’t involve any kind of drugs, herbs or creams. What’s more, my formula is completely safe.

I’m sure that perhaps you’re asking yourself why “The Stamina Guide” is different from other courses or books that you can find elsewhere.

That’s a fair question.

So let me firstly say that the step-by-step information that you’re about to discover in the “Stamina Guide” can’t be found elsewhere.

It’s unique.

During my quest on finding the cure to my ejaculation problem I stumbled upon dozens of “miracle cures” and techniques that even recognized doctors were promoting.

The thing is, none of them worked as advertised which led me to only huge anger and disappointment.

But when I stumbled upon my method, I deeply knew that it was unique and, most importantly, ultra effective

Not only because it worked with me and my friend, but also because I’ve been showing it to over 400 men who suffered from premature ejaculation in my area.

I’ve been doing this via seminars and workshops where I would reveal to them step-by-step how to last much longer in bed and satisfied their sexual partners.

Bottom line is: my ejaculation systems works because it involves two factors–mental and physical control–and merge them both in order to bring unbelievable results.

This is no joke; I even received several emails from attendees of my workshops telling me that they were able to last longer than 20 minutes…in some cases, even more than one hour.

Now, I would love to tell you that if you use my unique ejaculation formula you will last for hours, but each man is different, and so are the results you can get.

However, there’s one thing I can promise to you…

And that is that “The Stamina Guide” brings FACTIBLE and FAST results that will make your jaw drop…and your woman sexually satisfied to limits that you wouldn’t believe even possible.

Perhaps, also one of the biggest reasons why you should put your trust in “The Stamina Guide” is that it’s extremely easy to use, and it removes the problem at the core.

I mean, you don’t have to practice countless hours every day to see minimum results.

Just imagine…

You could be absorbing all of the life-changing information that I’m about to hand to you…

And by THIS very same night experience wonderful results.

10, 12, 14, 20 or even 30 minutes MORE when you’re banging your girl.

Listen, once you put into action my step-by-step guidance and do exactly what I tell you to do you will…


  • Last much longer in bed.
  • Get your life back and start confidently meeting more women.
  • You will feel again like yourself, a real man who can offer GOOD and mind-blowing sex to every woman (even your girlfriend).
  • Forget FOREVER about the feeling of being embarrassed, fearful and ashamed of your poor sexual performance.
  • See in amazement how women instead of blaming you for bad sex will tell you how wonderful, hot and exciting the sex with you was.
  • Discover most of the deadly mistakes that you’re committing right now when trying to solve your ejaculation problem.
  • Sexual techniques that will make her melt in bed – these are powerful techniques that can perfectly complement your sexual stamina.
  • The secret to multiple male orgasms and how to control your ejaculation for longer periods of time. This is a technique that not many males are aware of, and I’m revealing how you can use it this night.
  • Dead-simple breathing techniques that are proven to enhance your ejaculation and make you last much longer.
  • Finish at the same time as your sexual partner, forcing a total and wild climax with your sexual partner.
  • And much more…

This is just a sneak peek of what I have inside for you.

But perhaps the most important thing is that I will show you how you can end your ejaculation problem for good…and finally add many more minutes to your stamina.

Because let’s face it…

Women want sex that lasts…

They want a guy who’s able to last longer and provide her with MIND-BLOWING sex…they want orgasm after orgasm…

and you can hardly provide her with that if you last less than a minute in bed.

Sounds harsh, I know, but this is unfortunately the truth that you and me and perhaps most of the men in the world know.

For a few moments, I want you picture something.

Imagine that today you decide to give this a go and at least try my method that has been successfully tested in other men with results that are nothing short of impressive.

Picture that.

Then, imagine that you download my training program and follow my advice to the letter.

You carefully absorb every tid-bit of information.

After one or two hours of doing that, you go and meet that hot chick that you always wanted to bang.

After meeting her for a drink you confidently take her home and start to kiss her.

You notice how she’s wet and begging you for having sex as soon as possible…

You start to have sex with her, and instead of feeling the paralyzing fear the usually holds you back, you realise that 5 minutes are gone and you’re still there providing her with unadulterated pleasure.

Then, 12, 14, 20 and even 30 minutes pass by, and finally you cum like never before.

She, sweating and all wet, tells you that it was awesome and that you’re definitely a pro.

Now, how would you feel?

Isn’t this something that you would kill for ?

Well, stop imagining because that can become a reality THIS night.

And I’m not joking, because this is something that you can do each and every night.

…Every time that you meet a new girl or you want to give awesome and incredible sex to your girlfriend.

I’m sure that right now you’re excited.

You really want to see how “The Stamina Guide” can help you to change your life for the good.

And honestly, I applaud you because you already have taken the necessary steps to make premature ejaculation a thing of the past.

But perhaps, you’re slightly concerned about the price for “The Stamina Guide.”

Well, let me tell you that you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars that my former attendees paid to access the very same information that you’re about to.

In fact, you won’t have to pay even hundreds.

Because let’s be honest, I won’t be able to help as many guys as possible if I’m charging fortunes.

That’s not my intention.

I truly want you to STOP premature ejaculation and last incredibly long in bed.

So, I want you to pay attention because the measly price that you have to pay in order to access my life-changing formula is going to make you laugh.

As I said, I won’t charge you thousands nor hundreds.

Let’s say that you can get access to my training program for only $47.

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