Growing evidence in the failure of millions of relationships is suggesting a missing chapter in human sexuality. King once again explores the sophisticated science and art in this very practical guide on how to master oral sex and placing a spell on the guy your heart desires.

Why do some women possess the sexual skills to steal your man?
Why are some women and men so great at oral sex?
Why is he seeking sexual gratification elsewhere?
What is it about some women why men gravitate to them and stick to them?
Many perplexing questions and you have had too little answers. Search no more.

Within the pages of this book is the interior of ancient knowledge passed down from civilization to civilization that they don’t teach you in schools because they don’t want you to know.
It has been over 3 years since ‘How to Become the Greatest at Oral Sex: Sex Secrets that puts a Spell on Him,’ has been published and what an explosion it has made, selling thousands of digital and paperbacks around the world. It has been called “Consciousness expanding,” “Addictive,” “Liberating,” “Powerful,” and “Empowering.”
In ‘How to Become the Greatest at Oral Sex 2: The Practical Guide,’ King delivers like never before, transmitting esoteric and occult knowledge, secrets, techniques, skills, tips and recommendations that will take you from amateur to master.

Mature Audience Only

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