Build muscle and stay lean.

That’s the goal.

Unfortunately, very few people have been able to actually achieve this. They go on different muscle-building programs and one of three things happen. Either they put on size, but they put on all this fat to go along with it; now, they don’t really have the physique they’re after.

They look bulky. They don’t have that crisp, Greek God physique they were originally going for. They don’t have that V-shape. Their faces becomes more puffy. Their chest lacks that square, plate-of-armor look.

That’s because they put on fat to go with the muscle. Most muscle building gurus talk about eating ridiculous amounts of calories. Always be eating and just put on that size. They mistake 20 pounds as 20 pounds of muscle, when, really, it’s probably 10 pounds of muscle and 10 pounds of fat.

Anyone can do that. It’s really easy. But to build muscle AND stay lean is very difficult.

The second thing that happens is people just spin their wheels over and over again. They’re training five to six days a week. They’re eating every two or three hours, but they’re not seeing substantial, tangible results. Why is that?

The third thing that happens is people focus on doing too much volume in the wrong areas. They’re doing tons of squats and deadlifts. They’re adding size to their legs and hips, but their upper body still looks more or less the same.

What’s going on is that most people don’t focus on what’s really important, and that’s three key factors.

Number One: Stay Lean

You want to make sure that your nutrition is dialed in to support the maximum rate of muscle growth without causing fat spillover.

Once you start putting on fat, your entire look is going to be destroyed. You don’t want to spend three months cutting for summer. You want to look great year-round!
Number Two: Cut Down the Volume

Most fitness programs focus on too much volume. Gurus want you to chase the pump and the squeeze and the feel. This doesn’t make you stronger.

What creates muscle growth? Progressive overload. If you go from doing a 100-pound bench press to a 200-pound bench press, your chest is going to grow. A lot.

That’s the bottom line.

When you build your strength, your muscles will grow to adapt for that stimulus. And that muscle is there to stay. It’s not going to fluctuate because you didn’t have a big meal the other day. It’s not going to fluctuate because you’ve taken three days off the gym. It’s still there.

It’s almost permanent, whereas when you do tons of volume — the pump and squeeze stuff — it fluctuates. You go in on chest day, your arms look small. You go in on arm day, your chest looks small. You’re constantly a slave to the gym to have a certain look.

Number Three: Structure Training Around a Goal
If you want that Hollywood physique after watching Brad Pitt in “Troy” or Ryan Reynolds in “Blade: Trinity,” then you’re zoned in on a physique that has proper proportion.

It’s not about weighing 250 pounds. It’s about having that right shoulder-to-waist ratio and the ideal amount of muscle in your chest and arms, as well as sleek, defined legs. When you have that proportion, you achieve the physique of Stephen Amell from “Arrow” or Daniel Craig from the James Bond franchise.
This Is the Greek God Physique.
The Greek God Program 2.0 is here for you to build this movie star physique while enjoying life.

How do you build muscle while staying lean? How do you build muscle in a way that’s going to give you the absolute best proportion? How do you make maximum strength gains on the key lifts to really support an amazing physique? All of these are answered in the program.

Amazing people have gone through the program, put on a ton of muscle, and now look downright stunning. They were never able to do it before. They struggled to put on muscle. They struggled to keep the fat off. They struggled to add muscle in a way that actually built the bodies of their dreams.

The Greek God Program 2.0 is the missing fitness link. Increase strength, build muscle, eat for a lean physique and have fun with it. This is a strategy you can follow no matter where you are in life, where you live, or what you do for a living.

It’s time to take control of your physique and your lifestyle. Greek God 2.0 is your guide to kicking ass, looking great and feeling amazing.

See you on the inside!

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