“Red Pill Orgasm” functions as an illustrated sex guide in how to give a woman great orgasms. It is designed to show you how to correctly pleasure a woman. It also teaches you how to keep a woman attracted to you.


– Technique: Explore proper sexual technique

– Energy Work: Harnessing your chi, or sexual energy

– Game & Dominance: Using game and dominance in your relationships for better orgasms

Topics Covered:

– Benefits

– Game & Dominance

– A Woman’s Body

– How Easily Can She Cum?

– Her Issues

– Get Healthy

– Prepare For Sex

– Foreplay

– Oral Sex

– Slow Entry

– Screwing

– Basic Sex Positions

– The Sets of Nine

– Energy Work

– Making It Last

– Polish Your Technique

– Rough Sex

– Anal Sex

– Bringing It All Together


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