Bodybuilding Beyond the Basics – Alberto Nunez

I don’t know a single serious lifter who doesn’t want to build more muscle. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a bodybuilder or not. Most people get into lifting to look better. Sure we might also pick up other lifting pursuits (such as getting stronger) but at our core, we still want to look good. To look better you need to add more muscle to your frame. Muscle gives proportion and shape to the way your body looks.

AthleanX – AX 1

When I’m hired by an athlete or actor to add up to 5 to 10 lbs of “performance ready” muscle OR strip them of excess fat, I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of protocols I can use. If I’m given the challenge of accomplishing both at the same time without compromise – This is the exact program I reach for.

The Mayo Clinic Diet – The Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

Most of us know we should eat less and exercise more to lose weight. It’s a simple concept to understand. But if it were simple to implement, none of us would have an issue with our weight, and obesity would not be a national health concern. However, science has revealed that the ability to lose weight and maintain that loss is affected by a complex web of hundreds of physical, mental, and emotional factors.