Dean Somerset – Advanced Core Training

Why Everyone Needs Core Strength & Core Stability Core strength and stability is something everyone needs to produce a forceful movement, whether that’s bending down to tie your shoes, lifting a bag of groceries out of the car, creating first-step speed or lifting your max in the gym. Core stability means having the ability to preserve the position of your spine while other body parts, like your shoulders and hips, do the heavy lifting instead. The spine acts like a buffer driving force from one end to the other, without bending or breaking in the process.

Muscle & Fitness – Training System

Muscle & Fitness System Home Training – This DVD includes 5 complete full-body workouts, ranging from “No-Equipment-Necessary” to the “Barbell and Bench” workout. These routines include 36 different exercises to help you achieve your training goals at home with little to no equipment. The Muscle & Fitness Training System will put you on the fast track to full-body fitness at home!

Masculine Power Now: Destroy Insecurity, Grow Huge Balls, And Bang Women Like A Rockstar

The majority of guys see a beautiful woman and do… nothing. He’s attracted to her and wants to approach, but before he can, he freezes up. His nerves take over and he stands there doing nothing, hoping she’ll choose to approach him. And sooner or later, she walks away. Sound familiar? Sucks, doesn’t it? Believe me – I was once in your shoes. Tell me if you can relate:
By Mark Manson Professional Lifestyle/Dating Coach Creator of the Masculine Power Now Program