Subliminal Club – The Emperor

There are alpha males. Then, there are those that transcends all definitions and labels. These individuals are the true rulers of their lives and everything they do. EMPEROR will get you there. It’s designed for those who want more than just “success,” or “more respect.” EMPEROR is designed for those who will stop at nothing to become pure perfection and excellence. Forget what you THINK you know about your personal reality and limitations. Let EMPEROR teach how to create and rule your own personal empire.

Lloyd Glauberman – Hypno Peripheral Processing

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has spent the last 30 years helping people develop the emotional tools to achieve their goals in life. Using a form of hypnosis known as Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP), Glauberman has helped people gain access to the incredible untapped power of their subconscious mind. HPP CDs combine relaxing music and two separate stories into a pattern of suggestions that gently overloads your conscious mind and accesses the “hypnogogic” state – a state in which your mind is most open to suggestion.

Carnegie Dale – The Art of Public Speaking

The best way to become a confident, effective public speaker, according to the authors of this landmark book, is simply to do it. Practice, practice, practice. And while you’re at it, assume the positive. Have something to say. Forget the self. Cast out fear. Be absorbed by your subject. And most importantly, expect success. “If you believe you will fail,” they write, “there is hope for you.