Hayley Quinn – Second Date Blueprint

The Second Date Blueprint is a Unique Course to Teach You How to Get a Second Date with Her.
You will learn:
What message to send to her after the first date (detailed proven example messages included)
The surprising reasons why she didn’t want a second date with you
How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.
When and how should you suggest taking her home with you?

Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist

Pickup Scientist: Monumental Improvements By Observation, Action and Experimentation
The Training Materials and Webinars Are Covering the Following Subjects:
– Understand WHAT is Actually Happening and Discover What to Do Next
– Turn Each Day or Night Out Into Real Learning Which Improves You Exponentially
– Utilize the Feedback The Women Are Giving You to Get BETTER Each Time You Go Out UNTIL They Are Insanely and Quickly Attracted To You

Willy Beck – Texting Mastery

My goal is to guide you as a coach, so you are able to live in abundance and have the women you want in your life. With the right amount of effort and guidance, there is no limit to your personal changes and success with women.I believe in building a solid character through a transformational process. Imagine you are entitled to the most beautiful women, able to express yourself truthfully as you want in any given moment.Free from the anxieties of other people’s perception of you, being fully grounded in your own positive energy as a man.