Jason Capital – Hidden Hard Drive

Long story shot: This forgotten hard drive contains some of my most private thoughts and ideas, programs I’ve never released, and even impossible-to-find files that would have never been unleashed to the world had I not found this hard drive while moving boxes.

Techniques.. tactics.. scripts.. routines.. and shocking insights that you’ll use to go from “pretty good”, or “ok”, to UNSTOPPABLE with attractive women. Or to develop a thick, loyal, impossible-to-break bond with your woman.

Jason Capital – Social God

Jason Capital offers a program for transforming your social life based on his experience and expertise. He teaches you how to create a social circle in which you are the center of attention. It builds upon deliberately building a strong, vibrant, expanding social circle in order to become a Social God. The strategy is based on taking action and intentionally expanding outside of the normal proximity of your social circle to invite others, thereby linking yourself to other social circles and upgrading your own.

Jason Capital – Devoted Girlfriend System

The “Devoted Girlfriend System” by Jason Capital is designed to men get an amazing girlfriend. It aims to help you become the most attractive and successful version of yourself to make a woman devoted to you.

The system includes:

– Jason’s steps to getting a devoted girlfriend
– Big mistakes that change a woman’s “devotion” into revulsion
– Secrets to keeping a woman and intensely increasing her devotion to you