David Tian – Limitless 2.0

Imagine: You’re a young man living 10,000 years ago… in a tribe with 50 others. In your tribe, there is a dominant, charismatic, powerful male leader. You admire and respect him, but also fear him. Every time you see him, you avert your gaze to avoid direct eye contact. Lately, you’ve noticed that you’re thinking more and more about becoming a leader yourself. You can imagine being admired by others and being the one to lead the hunts for food. You’ve also noticed that your temper and emotions are becoming harder to control. Something seems to be happening inside of you that is making you more and more irritable. You’ve also noticed hair growing on your face and muscles growing on your body…

Get Inside Her: The Female Perspective

One night, I sat up late reading email after email from attractive, witty guys who were single and ready to date, and instead of being impressed and enraptured, I began to wonder what on earth was going wrong in the world. You see, these emails were not the typical online dating messages. They weren’t asking me out on dates, or vying for desire or attention. They were sent from great guys, who no matter what they tried, always seemed to find that beautiful women ended up dating jerks and never calling them back.

Attracting a soulmate – Hypnotic Technique by Dr.Steve G Jones

The Attracting A Soulmate Subliminal recordings are embedded with powerful suggestions that will re-program your subconscious mind! All you will hear is music, but these powerful Subliminals will begin working right away. The Attracting A Soulmate program comes with 10 subliminal topics, available in both daytime and nighttime versions for a total of 20 subliminal recordings.

The Hyponitic PickUp Method – Steve G. Jones

Finally, Steve has created an empowering resource that will equip you with the transcendent ability to pick up anyone at any given time using nothing more than hypnosis.
Whether you are a man or a woman, this course will enable you to get whatever it is you desire from the person you are attracted to.
Knowing that “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus,” Steve has taken things even further this time around and basically built two different resources: one to pick up men and one to pick up women. How amazing is that?

Catch Him and Keep Him

Catch Him And Keep Him What Every Woman Should Know About How To Catch Her Mr. Right… And Keep Him For Good. Introduction One evening you’re spending a romantic dinner with a man you’re dating and you spring a question on him and wait for him to respond. You say: “What do you think about us… You know… about the future?” Or you say something like… “I don’t feel like you tell me about your feelings…. How do you feel about where this is going? You know, about our relationship?” So you’ve asked a simple question right? And when he can’t answer you in a positive way, which men often do in these situations, you become upset or disappointed.