Boy Clicks Girl

Here’s what you’re going to learn…
How to create that “I gotta meet you” feeling inside a woman every time she reads your emails. Page 146
The one thing a lot of men do when they put their picture online
that instantly turns a woman off. (Overlook this tidbit and you can kiss
your chances of getting a date goodbye.) Page 47
A simple technique to send her objections about meeting a guy from the net into the past… where they belong! Page 144
A sneaky email tactic that makes a woman feel like she’s known you
forever, so she’ll trust you like an old friend. (This focuses more of
her attention on you and less on other guys.) Page 139

Rapid Escalation: How An Average Guy Can Skip The Dating Process And Get Laid In Under An Hour

Liam McRae is a world renowned dating and social freedom coach, and in this tell-all expose you’ll get an insight into the lifestyle of a seducer as he shares his sexually charged stories. It details his journey of becoming an expert at Rapid Escalation (how to have a saucy encounter with a stranger in a short period of time) and provides you with simple steps you can take to create some of these experiences for yourself! Everything is here, from the awkwardness of approaching women to the raunchy details of the sex scenes. It will expand your mind about what’s possible with seduction and inspire you to live a more romantic, passionate and sexually free life!

He’s Just Not in the Stars: Wicked Astrology and Uncensored Advice for Getting the (Almost) Perfect Guy

He’s Just Not in the Stars is a sinful combination of He’s Just Not That into You, Sex and the City, and The Secret Language of Birthdays. If all is fair in love and war, this is the right ammunition. . . .

Hindsight is 20/20. Love is blind. With all that good and bad vision out there, who’s gonna give you some serious insight?

Texting Titan!: 120 Tips to Avoid Mistakes and Become More Attractive When Texting Women

Some of what you’ll learn in Texting Titan!:
Texting and language patterns most men don’t know, see, understand, or even know exist
Why texting is more complicated today and how it can screw you over
The correct approach, psychology, and strategy when texting
What your goal of texting should be and why you need lots of practice texting women
Her mindset and what’s happening in her brain while you’re texting her and she’s texting you
How to move up on her list of importance when texting her
How often she will text back, reasons she may not text back right away, and what to do when she doesn’t text back
How and why women can be texting geniuses
How to tell if she’s interested in you through texting

Instant Internet Attraction

“The System That A Got a 24 Year Old Virgin ‘De-Virginized’ In 24 Days…”
Okay, it’s not my style to write something crazy like “get de-virginized in 24 days”…
But that is EXACTLY what happened with one of the guys who used this system to attract women online… and as long as it’s true, why not use it for bragging rights?
This Is Your Premiere Online Dating System
In addition to advanced email tactics, I show you how to be attractive to women who are online dating… this is the complete A to Z system for hitting women’s attraction triggers and getting them head over heels in lust with you.

Dating Insider – Conversation Dynamics

Conversational skills will make you, and lack of them will break you. You may be the homeliest guy on the planet, but if you’re good with words you can still have some serious game with women. It’s not hard to be good with words – just pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Speak audibly – don’t mumble or stutter, and put life into your hello’s and goodbyes. Most people (by far the vast majority) don’t realize it, but your eyes give effect to much of what you say and when it comes to conversation with women, your eyes can be the magic words to creating attraction.

Forever Laid Formula: Best Ways To Get Women To Sleep With You. How To Seduce Any Woman And Get Laid Now

You only live once… Do you really want to look back on your life and say I wish I’d had more sex?

You can get laid… Tonight… If you follow the tips on this book. You will learn:

– The ONE secret that seperates the guys who pull girls every single night from the guys who haven’t slept with a girl in a year or more… (And it has nothing to do with looks, age, money, or a fancy job.)