Forbidden Female Fantasies – Gabrielle Moore

This manual takes you inside the innermost chambers of your lover’s mind and reveals her deepest sexual fantasies! How would I know what they are? There are the fantasies which I’ve had myself for the longest time… and these are also the most common sex fantasies that women have!

If you think erotic sexual fantasies are something to be ashamed of… or if you and your lover have never openly spoke about your dirtiest fantasies before… this is going to take you inside her head and then inside her body as you fulfill each of her naughtiest fantasies!

Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery

Ross Jeffries is founder of the worldwide seduction community and the creator of Speed Seduction®. Since 1988, he’s taught thousands of men from every walk of life how to enjoy the success with women they’ve always wanted, without the 5 B’s: bullying, begging, buying, b.s. and booze. Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery is the result of over a year of teaching and training the members in his elite coaching program. What you will read are the transcripts of his answers to students and instructional video modules, plus the transcripts of the twice a month coaching calls. For more information on great RJ products, events, and consulting, go to: Viva La Seducciòn!

Revolutionary Sex: How To Give Any Woman The Mind Blowing Sexual Experience She’s Always Dreamed Of

Learn how to give virtually any woman powerful, satisfying orgasms… even women who have never had the “Big O” before.

Master female anatomy– know where her “hot buttons” are
The best sexual positions for every circumstance
The truth about “size” and “stamina”
How to build sexual confidence and sexual trust
Step-by-step: Multiple Orgasms, Stacked Orgasms, and “Squirting” Orgasms
Understand and enjoy women’s secret sexual fantasies
Become the best lover she has ever experienced
And much, MUCH more…

Ecstasy Through Tantra

Now you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelming physical ecstasy which triggers expanded states of consciousness. Tantric practices will teach you how to build sexual love and passion to an amazing peak―and how to push your mind even higher to achieve transcendental bliss.

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

The truth is: Most women do not have satisfying sex lives. SLOW SEX can change that.
Better sex is about one thing: better orgasm. This life-altering guide teaches men and women how to use the practice of Orgasmic Meditation-or OM-to slow down, connect emotionally, and achieve authentic female sexual satisfaction. The promise: In just fifteen minutes every woman can become orgasmic. And, with the right partner and the right technique, that orgasm could last and last!