Read My Lips

Many, if not most, people remain in the dark about the actual workings of the vagina and vulva. The primary purpose of Read My Lips is to educate women and men about the vulva and vagina in a manner that is smart, informative, and entertaining. Readers, both women and men alike, will come to think differently about women’s genitals and become a little more curious and a lot more comfortable with them. They will learn more about the female body in terms of health, sex, pleasure, culture, and art. Though based on sound scientific and medical research, Read My Lips is accessible to the masses, so women and men who are curious about the clitoris, Brazilian waxing, labiaplasty, or whether the G-spot really exists, will find something of interest in these pages.

Huge Load Formula – Ultimate Edition

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Rachel Davis – Conversation King

One of the very few Dating Advice eBooks written FOR men BY a woman. Rachel Davis’ Conversation King offers a far more unique approach to this field though. Instead of trying to cram everything in, this book focuses on the often-neglected area of being able to actually talk to girls. This is obviously a key area all guys have to be able to handle, and Davis does a great job covering what you need to know, as well as some great tips and examples.