Train Like A Soldier…

And Be Ready For Anything!

H.I.I.T. And Run I & II Get ready to feel what it’s like to wage a battle between your legs and your lungs! The most intense but results proven method of quickly improving your endurance is here.

Swarm Tactix I & II Just as on the battlefield, swarm tactics draw their success on sheer volume. We’re reproducing it here. Three innocent exercises on their own, become a force to be reckoned with as the reps you perform of them mount.

Guerrilla Warfare I & II Guerrilla Warfare requires equal parts physical and mental toughness. What starts off easy, will screw with your mind just minutes later when your muscles will surely begin to betray you.

Core War I-IV Can you successfully resist the onrush through all 4 levels of attack? If so, you will have defended your base and proven your core competence…for today! That’s right, they only get harder.

Air Raid I & II Sound the alarm, your muscles are being invaded! As the name implies, these burst training workouts will knock you off your feet…literally. They last just 20 minutes. They feel like 2 days!

Special Tactics At A Glance

  • Squats, deads, cleans…just some of the weapons of ‘mass construction’ in your exercise arsenal this month!

  • 8 lung busting burst workouts each inspired by actual military special tactics attack maneuvers!

  • Perfect for military personnel, firemen, and police looking to prepare for their physical readiness exams.

  • Operation: Seek and Destroy – The workout challenge that redefines what being ‘battle ready’ really means!

Operation: Seek and Destroy

The entire phase builds up to this exam. We analyzed data from physical readiness tests across all branches of military, police, and fire… and then we made them harder. Way harder. Getting a passing score on this challenge practically guarantees you will crush any physical readiness test thrown at you.


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