My name is Darek and this is my story.

Being younger I didn’t like my body.I was kinda skinny (57 kg/174 cm) and really hated the way I looked. Because of that I was not confident, scared of being in crowded places and tried to avoid any situation when people could laughed at me.

Decided to change my life and build self-confidence. First I joined local gym, where I’ve been training for couple of months. Then I realized that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t really like idea of it and wanted to find something more.Then my friend told me about Calisthenics. Decided to start workout at home with with just a single pull up bar. At that moment I had no equipment at all so I did dips between table and sofa standing in my mom’s room ( she was so mad btw hahaha ). First two months I was building strength and adapted my joints to new kind of movement.I put some basic skills such as handstand, muscle up, backlever and human flag.Usually I did 5 workouts a week but some weeks I did it every day (now I know that was bad idea ’cause you need rest) However I was really into it and didn’t want to stop. Diet started to play a key role in my transformation.As a Ectomorph (a person with fast metabolism) I had problems with putting on weight.Early days I ate 1000-1500 calories per day,now I had to rapidly increase it to 3300-3800. That was a Challange for me and, because of that I started to prepare my meals in a boxes and took them with me. I ate even at night, just to complete my caloric needs. When it was too hard I launched some motivational videos on youtube and put my headphones on. Calisthenics changed my whole life.I completely changed myself for better and now I only regret that it took me so long to start it out. This is not only about a body now, but the about relationships I have, great people I meet, amazing girlfriend and positive energy everyday.

People often ask me for motivation. (How could I managed that?)

The answer is simple. I wanted to change my look to have a great friends, girlfriend, passion and simply to enjoy myself. Once I saw first results and met amazing guys on my way I just couldn’t stop reaching my goals. Obviously there were a hard days, especially when it went to diet. However, Perseverance is the key.

How I made a progress and learned skills in one year only?

Some people would not believe that I achieved that skills in one year only. As I already mentioned it was actually 3.5 months of Gym and a year of calisthenics.

You must know that everyone is different and the tempo of your progress depends of your genes, experience, dedication, workout system, nutrition and time spent on skills. I was always into sports (played football for 7 years), that’s why I’ve never want to loose. Although I was really skinny (have never trained on weights and my muscle mass was low), it was easier for me to start.I must mention that reading number of books, articles, forums, following people with knowledge, watching videos, working out and, finally, following diet plan helped me a lot. If you really want to learn skills you should train even couple of times day by day. However you must remember about regeneration and the rest. Want to progress the way I did and use my methods? Try my system and transform your body. When I create workout/nutrition plan or train people I use my one year body experience and knowledge I’ve got.

The most important.

Good looking body builds self-confidence and changes the way you live.Because of lack of confidence I was afraid to say “NO” to bad things and simply followed people all the time.Now it’ changed! Take a first steps or get back if you gave up earlier. The workout and diet plan will be prepared especially and individually for You and for You only. I share all my experience from my one year body transformation.

Change Your Life.


Program contains 8 levels which will lead you from the total beginner to an intermediate with basic calisthenics skills achieved. The 8 level system will let you progress individually in the time you actually need at the same time preventing from injuries. Once you feel confident on the current level you can try to achieve next one. Are you ready?

Program includes:

-8 Levels of workout program

-Beginner static skills lessons

-Beginner dynamic skills lessons


You are now strong enough to discover the beauty of calisthenics. In this program you’ll move to new superb exercises and calisthenics skills. The levels will be more and more challenging, do not even think of quitting now! Are you ready?

Program includes:

-8 Levels of workout program

-Intermediate static skills lessons

-Intermediate dynamic skills lessons


Do not even think of it until you finish all Intermediate levels! This program is only for calisthenics elite ! Work hard to join it.

Program includes:

-8 Levels of workout program

-Advanced static skills lessons

-Advanced dynamic skills lessons


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