I discovered that success wasn’t all about doing the right things… but had a lot to do with being the right person. Being someone who’s genuine, authentic, and interesting.

And before long, I was where I wanted to be financially, personally, spiritually, and with women. And the great thing is… ANYONE — including YOU can replicate my success when you follow certain steps.

1: Mindset

The same old thinking will always get you the same old results.

You can’t do something that you honestly believe you can’t do. Looking back, by not knowing how to really connect with other people, I limited my happiness, income, and success with women.

BUT… when I got past my negative mindset and learned a key life lesson, things turned around in every part of my life.

2: Connections

As human beings, we’re social creatures — designed to interact and be with other people. You won’t truly or fully succeed being a loner or all by yourself.

Almost all business (and 100% of personal) success comes from how well you connect with and relate to other people. As millionaire best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki says: “The bigger your network, the bigger your net worth.”

3: Presence

So how do celebrities make these powerful, personal connections?

It’s their presence… knowing how to OWN THE ROOM like a celebrity or successful businessman. Imagine having the confidence, charisma and presence to have a deeper, stronger connection with people wherever you go.

And I Show You EXACTLY How to Make These Changes In…


The Secrets to Life & Financial Success

Volume I: My Story

In this 90-minute audio I candidly reveal how I went from struggling to hold down a job without getting fired, to living the life I live now.

You’ll find out how I discovered some of the real tools and secrets to success, and how you can apply them to your own life to create the life of your dreams.

This audio includes:

  • How to network like an A-list celebrity even if you don’t know ANYONE… and how to use your network properly.

  • Why you have to become a “believer” before you achieve any success… I also show you how to “convert” yourself.

  • How you can replicate my success starting TODAY

  • Why you need to get out and about to discover your passion.

  • How to avoid major stress and anxiety… even when things aren’t going your way (So many people go off the rails just before they become successful)

  • How to turn failures into successes… This “secret mindset” is the key to succeeding in EVERYTHING!

  • The one thing ALL entrepreneurs have in common… and how you can copy it to fast track your success.

Volume II: The Power of Observation

This 86-minute audio reveals this little-known (but amazing) power, which can open up more personal and business opportunities than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll discover:

  • How observing very specific things will ALWAYS get you out of trouble in a conversation (you’ll never be stuck for something to say again)

  • How observing past relationships and patterns can make your new ones successful

  • How to network more effectively and land higher quality business contacts (this “secret” has been worth millions in my own business life)

  • The simple yet powerful ingredient to super-charge a conversation

  • How to forge stronger and deeper relationships with everyone you meet

  • How to maximize your power and influence in business, and dramatically increase your income (millionaires — and even billionaires — use this every single day)

  • How to make yourself instantly memorable

  • How listening more — and talking less — can make you much more successful in dating and business

Volume III: Be More Interesting

This power-packed 43-minute MP3 reveals how you can increase your confidence… become more memorable to everyone you meet… and develop your own personal brand.

In this audio, you’ll learn:

  • How to get the unshakable, rock-solid confidence of a celebrity… in every part of your life

  • The celebrity secrets of being memorable

  • How to always focus on your strengths & not on your weaknesses

  • Why you should always do things you love the best… and forget about the rest!

  • How to develop your own personal brand and not copy anyone else

  • Why being real and authentic can increase your “interesting factor”

  • Why it’s critical to treat everyone you meet with respect and genuine interest


Volume IV: Patience & Persistence

This MP3 will reveal:

  • Why it’s impossible to succeed in life without being persistent and patient

  • How being impatient can kill opportunities in business and dating (you’ve probably done this in the last 24 hours!)

  • Why you haven’t been successful in dating and business… and how you can break through your mental and emotional barriers!

  • How to give before you get, stand out from the crowd, and give yourself a huge competitive edge

  • How to always maintain a mindset of abundance

  • How to improve your self-image (and make you more attractive to women)

  • Why persistence in any area of life is ALWAYS rewarded

Bonus #1: The Look of Success

Bonus #2: The Power of the Walk In —How to Walk Into a Room & Own It


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