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The Female Mind Control System + Alpha Immersion

The Female Mind Control

Step 1:  “The Female Mind Control” Manual

Female Mind Control is not only field-tested, but scientifically proven to get you results. This step-by-step proven course gives you super human powers over women and allows you to become 1% of the truly elite. This is because it fuses together breakthroughs in Human Behavioral Psychology with Female Sexual Dynamics. It will give you the power to control a woman’s mind – so be ready!

Step 2:  “The Conversation Commando” Video Presentations

This bonus consists of three videos that give you a full arsenal of conversational strategies to use with women. Never again will you be “tongue tied” or struggle to figure out “what to say.”

Soak up these lessons, and from now on you’ll to into every conversation with a rock-solid game plan for success.

Step 3:  Bonus Manuals

1. Body Language Mastery

Did you know 80% of communication is non-verbal? Every time you interact with a woman…or even glance at her across a crowded room…there are body language signals being sent back and forth.

Here, you’ll learn how to quickly master the art of non-verbal communication. This module gets “super tactical” and reveals secrets used by F.B.I agents and members of the intelligence community to instantly “read” a person’s body language.

2. Hypotheticals

Here’s a kick-ass bag of tricks that is guaranteed to take your conversations with women to the next level. This is a complete arsenal of fun, sexy hypothetical questions you can ask during your conversations…

To spark any woman’s imagination and connect with her on a deeper emotional level. It’s the ultimate “cure” to boring small talk and your friends are going to be begging you to share these secrets.

3. Crawl Inside Her Mind

Use these “mind control hacks” while you’re talking to a girl, and you’ll have her hanging on your every word and feeling an irresistible sense of sexual attraction towards you.

After learning these quick (but extremely powerful) lessons, you’ll never again wonder “what do say next.” These female mind control secrets will be hard-wired into you!

4. The Friend Zone Annihilator

Here’s how to make any woman desire you in a sexual way, even if she’s thought of you up until now as “just a friend.” Learn the 6 secrets in this bonus, and women will always see you IMMEDIATELY as a guy they want to sleep with.

Or if you have a female friend right now, and you want to bang her or make her your girlfriend, just use 4 of the 6 secrets and SHE will be the one to make a move on YOU.

5. Get the Look Women Love

This bonus module shows you how to easily and massively improve your appearance, without having to lose weight, go to the gym, or spend a bunch of money on fancy clothes.

You’ll learn subtle (but extremely powerful) “tweaks” you can make to your appearance and style to make women instantly notice you, and find you handsome.

6. Internet Seduction

This copy-and-paste method makes hooking up with girls online even easier than ordering a pizza. This module reveals the mistakes 83% of guys make in their choice of username and their headline, with specific examples of real–life good (and bad) ones…

How to craft the ULTIMATE profile to attract endless women, including some *sneaky tips* that will give you an unfair advantage over the other guys… and much, much more.

7. Secrets Of “Sexual Hypnosis”

In this closely-guarded special report, you’ll discover how to use the psychological science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to “hijack” a woman’s thoughts and emotions and make her feel irresistible attraction towards you. We’ll give you ten proven NLP seduction patterns and explain exactly how and when to use them for maximum effect.

Alpha Immersion

Module 1 – Developing Ultimate Seduction Game

Welcome to your first training module as a VIP member of the Alpha Immersion program.

Every module in this program is loaded with as much content and useful information as possible. They include downloadable books from the world’s top dating gurus and pickup artists, audio sessions, exclusive videos, and more. No matter what level your “game” is at right now, you’re sure to gain an incredible amount of tips, tactics & techniques from every one of these modules.

It all begins, however, with having strong “Inner Game” — an attitude and mindset of massive, mastermind confidence. This is the foundation you must possess in order to attract more beautiful women into your life. In this module you’ll also find videos from some of the world’s top pickup artists, including Jon Sinn and Adam Lyons, an instructor with the international group of dating gurus known as PUA Training. Enjoy!

Module 2 – Stepping Up Your Game To The NEXT LEVEL

Next, it’s time for you to learn how to get the “Bad Boy Edge” with women…

Take a close look at guys who have awesome social lives and get laid as much as they want, and you’ll see the “X Factor” that makes them so successful is the edgy side of their personality when they deal with women.

They don’t treat women the same way normals guys do — trying to gain their approval, agreeing with whatever they say, and attempting to “date” them in the conventional way.

When these guys meet women, they control the interaction and behave in a hyper-confident, playful and “cocky” way that might seem like it would turn women off…but instead, it draws more girls towards them. These guys have what I call a “bad boy edge,” and it makes women go absolutely wild with sexual desire.

Look, we’ve all been in situations where we liked a girl and treated her like a perfect gentleman…but she was fixated on some jerk who was all wrong for her. How come it seems like these jerks get the girls, and the nice guys finish last? Well, the cool thing is that you can incorporate the “bad boy edge” into their personality & gamewithout treating women badly. It’s totally possible for you to remain a man with strong character & integrity while also projecting a cocky, playful, super-masculine bad boy vibe that women find irresistible.

Forget about being “Mr. Nice Guy” any longer. As you know, women all SAY they want a “nice” boyfriend, but this isn’t what makes their panties wet. Women are biologically programmed to want men who are masculine, independent, unpredictable and sexually exciting. And that why we put together this special module for you.

Module 3 – Secrets Of Approaching Women

Rejection-Proof Ways To Approach Women, Killer Conversation Routines, and Jon Sinn’s “Seduction Roadmap”

It all begins with making the right approach. In this game-changing module, we’ll take an in-depth look at approaching women and how the world’s best pickup artists do it without fear, anxiety or hesitation. You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes the guys typically make when they approach girls and attempt to start conversations, so that meeting hot women on a constant basis becomes a part of your new lifestyle. Whether these opportunities arise during the daytime, or at night when you’re out hunting at the bars or nightclubs, you’ll be armed with the right approach tactics for virtually any situation.

This module is truly massive — it contains hours worth of exclusive video coaching. Go on and get started…and be sure to start applying what you learn here as soon as possible.

Remember, getting out there and putting these tactics to work is the key to making breakthroughs with women. And practice makes perfect — so study these lessons and then go out there and get to work. I look forward to hearing your success stories soon!

Module 4 – Secrets Of Verbal Seduction

We’ve got an action-packed module for you this time. First up is Video #2 in our Conversation Mastery series. In this video, you’ll learn how to be unique and original when you talk to women, and we’ll arm you with advanced verbal tactics to make women feel a sense of chemistry and attraction towards you…even if you just met her! Being a confident, in-command conversationalist is a surefire way to “fast track” your success with women. This video will arm you with more powerful tools to help you achieve this goal.

And that’s just for starters! Also be sure to download the controversial special report by Jon Sinn on “The Art Of Speaking Womanese.” (You know how chicks always say one thing, but act another way? My buddy Sinn has figured out how to literally translate the words (and behaviors) of women so that you’ll always know what’s really running through their minds…and then, we’ve got a major live presentation by the mighty “Manwhore.” Hey, any guy who calls himself that must have a big ol’ pair of armor-plated balls…well, wait ’till you hear him lay out his rules for getting women into your bed FAST.

We hope you’re loving these modules so far…and we’re not even halfway through the Alpha Immersion program. We’ve got a TON more information to share with you! Now let’s get down to business…

Module 5 – Advanced Approach & Attraction-Building Tactics

Featuring LoveSystems, Neil Strauss, And The Infamous “Under The Wire” Video

In this Alpha Immersion training module we’ve got an exclusive interview that Dean Cortez conducted with Nick Savoy, the CEO of Love Systems, which runs the world’s biggest seminars for guys who want to learn pickup. Savoy is the former partner of “Mystery,”the famed pickup artist featured in the best-selling book The Game.

Since forming Love Systems, Savoy has been featured on TV shows including Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil, where his pickup skills have been put to the test in front of audiences of millions. (Clips from these TV appearances are below…)

In this interview, Dean and Savoy cover a number of topics, including a bunch of killer material & tips from Savoy’s book

“Routines: Manual 2” (which is filled with clever, playful routines you can use on girls to instantly create conversations and get them into what you’re saying).

Enjoy my interview with Savoy — I got him to reveal a ton of great stuff. (Don’t miss his stories about taking a group of students to The Playboy Mansion, and how these regular guys actually used this techniques to hook up with insanely hot women!) Then, download a bunch of free chapters from Love System’s two best books: Magic Bullets (their original “seduction bible”), and Routines Manual 2.

Next, check out our video coaching session “Under The Wire,” in which underground seduction guru Ranger Xexplains how to cleverly slip past a woman’s force field (y’know, the barrier she puts up to screen out all the lameguys who try to talk to her), and how to capture her attention and interest by playing on female psychology. And, don’t miss the latest installment of “Dear Dean,” where I answer questions from our members. I think you’ll find this latest Q&A very interesting.

Module 6 – Dating Foreign Women & Being A “Leading Man”

Hey, it’s your wingman Dean and I want to welcome you back! This module is LOADED with powerful content so get ready to soak up a ton of information. First, we’ve got an interview that Jon Sinn did with me on the subject of Dating Asian Women. Personally, I think hot Asian girls are the some of the sexiest women out there.

I’ve dated girls from many different Asian countries and from all backgrounds — from airline stewardesses, to models and go-go dancers — and over the years I’ve come up with a complete set of tactics & principles for hooking up with Asian women. Check out the exclusive video session that starts off this module, and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll also find in this module an audio session with Scot McKay, founder of X&Y Communications. Scot’s area of expertise is “relationship management” — being the MAN who makes a woman feel total loyalty and devotion. This is powerful information to add to your knowledge base.

And this module also contains a few cool bonuses — including our special report on Strip Club Seduction and a huge live presentation by Adam Lyons — who is rated by many pickup websites as the #1 pickup artist in the world.

Enjoy — and stay tuned for your next module, which is even bigger and contains even more content!

Module 7: “Seduction Magic” and Comfort Building Tactics

Welcome back to the Alpha Immersion VIP program. This module is packed with spectacular content, starting with a powerful interview I did with Jon Sinn on the subject of “Social Comfort.”

Making a woman feel comfortable with you is necessary in order for you to build attraction and get physical with her. But most guys simply don’t understand the importance of comfort-building, and skip this step (or do it all wrong).

In this interview, Sinn lays out his process for Comfort Building and explains how to integrate it into your interactions with women. This is super important stuff, so pay close attention.

This action-packed module also contains videos and interviews with Brad Jackson (who combined magic tricks and pickup techniques to create a completely new type of seduction system), a special report from dating guru Carlos Xuma, a seminar video from famed pickup instructor Heartwork, and more. Enjoy!

Module 8 – Secrets Of Same Night Lays (BangHer The First Night!)

If you’re going to be unstoppable with women, you need to master the art of the Same Night Lay. This means closing the deal fast and sleeping with a girl the first night that you meet her.

Because sometimes, this will be your ONLY chance to make it happen!

This could be one night of no-strings-attached sex, or it could be the beginning of a relationship. (Several times, I’ve gone on to date girls that I slept with on the first night.)

When you bang her the first night AND show her a great time, you choice is now up to YOU whether you want to take things further with her.

Just know this: women are up for sex as much as we are! You’ve just got to know how to guide them down that path and help them to overcome their internal doubts and concerns about hooking up with a guy they just met.

The challenge for most guys is that they’re “gun shy” about speeding it up when they meet a girl. They introduce themselves, spend time talking to her, and get her phone number… THINKING this is “just the beginning”…when in reality, you might NEVER get another chance to bang this girl.

The reality is this: if you don’t sleep with a woman within a week of meeting her, you probably never will. You will either: A) Not see her again, because she says she is too “busy.” (Translation: her interest in you has faded. She’s on to other things, and other guys. An attractive woman has new sexual options presented to her every day. )

Or, B) You do see her again, but you wind up stuck in the “Friend Zone.” Because you failed to escalate, she puts you in the category of the nice, harmless friends she hangs out with occasionally, but will NOT sleep with.

Mastering the art of the Same Night Lay is the solution. Women will NEVER view you as a wussy nice guy. You’ll be the cocky, playful, sexual “bad boy” who makes women feel aroused…and up for anything.

*NOTE: These secrets integrate seamlessly into the approach & pickup tactics you’ve been learning in the Alpha Immersion program. You won’t have to make any drastic changes to your game. It’s about learning an extra set of techniques that are specifically designed to “close” girls fast.

Module 9 – Strip Club Domination and Approach Demonstrations

This very special Alpha Immersion module contains the keys to living out some of your wildest sexual fantasies. I’m talking about having a “rock star sex life” that includes banging super-hot strippers & exotic dancers.

Yes, we’ve actually got a system for dominating strip clubs and meeting up with strippers away from their work…and trust me, these are some of the hottest, sexually uninhibited women you’ll ever be with. (They’re also a hell of a lot of fun to party with.)

In this first section of this module, one of the most respected pickup artists in the game — Gambler, the founder of PUA Training — sits down with me to dish the “dirt” on his wild success at strip clubs and his secrets for getting his favorite pole-dancers and G-string divas back to his house and into his bed.

Gambler is from London (you’ll notice the accent) and he’s seduced many strippers on his own home turf, as well as in cities across America (including Las Vegas — the stripper capital of the world).

Next up, we’ve got a video coaching module in which I sit down with the notorious pickup artist known as Adonis to discuss some more advanced aspects of strip club game. (He used to actually manage one of the top strip clubs in Vegas, so he brings an “insider perspective” that is crucial!)

Now that you’ve reached Module #9 of Alpha Immersion, and have only three more Modules to go, we’re really going to dig deep and give you some of our very best A-level content.

Module 10 – “Bad Boy” Seduction Tactics & Secrets Of Dating Younger Women

What’s up champ. I’ll keep this summary short and sweet so you can dive right into the good stuff. In this Module, I’ve got some EXPLOSIVE and CONTROVERSIAL secrets to share with you.

I’m sure you’re well aware that “Nice Guys” usually struggle with women and get stuck in the Friend Zone, while the “Bad Boys” get all the chicks they want…

Well in this Module, you will discover the actual secrets of Bad Boys and why they have such a powerful psychological hold over women. You can then incorporate these same techniques and tactics into the way YOU interact with women (without having to be a creep), to make them feel irresistibly and uncontrollably ATTRACTED to you.

And that’s just for starters. This Module also gives you the keys to making hot YOUNGER women desire you (these skills are perfect for guys age 35 and up). You’ll also learn tricks for giving girls the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms they’ve ever experienced – and much, more.

Go on and jump in – this Module is bursting with great stuff!

Module 11 – How To Pick Up “9s” and “10s”, Secrets Of A Bad Boy Pickup Artist, and Dance Floor Pick Up Tips

Get ready for a huge module because this one is packed to the max!

First up, we’ve got an audio coaching session that I recorded with Jon Sinn on how to seduce 9s and 10s. These advanced-level tactics are designed for you to use on exceptionally beautiful women who are used to being approached and hit on by tons of dudes.

With these types of women, standard pickup & attraction techniques often are not that effective. You’ll need to “tweak” your tactics (and demonstrate higher value) in order to capture the attention of extremely hot women and make them feel attracted towards you. In this audio session, I explain how it’s done.

This module also contains a live presentation by the infamous bad boy pickup artist known as “Ratisse.” He explains how to stop wasting your time in the “friend zone” and quickly escalate your interactions with women towards sex.

This dude has got a ridiculous track record with hot women and has slept with too many to count…and in this video he breaks down and explains some of the clever, sneaky (and sometimes hilarious) tactics he uses to get the job done.

Enjoy the video and the bonuses that we’ve loaded into this module!

Module 12 – Alpha Male Lifestyle Secrets

Welcome to your final Alpha Immersion module. This one is packed with advanced hardcore material.

First, download your copy of The Alpha Rules, the explosive hit book by Carlos Xuma and Dean Cortez. This book is your ultimate guide to transforming yourself into a supremely confident and socially powerful Alpha Male who is respected by men and CRAVED by women.

Next, check out the “Online Bootcamp” video from the legendary pickup artist Gambler. He’s the top pickup artist in the U.K. and the founder of PUA Training.

In this video, he explains a bunch of his breakthrough methods for approaching women, creating attraction fast, and closing the deal.

Gambler’s perspective on pickup is unique, and this is an incredibly

valuable addition to the training you’ve been receiving.

Also, be sure to download the special report from “Alpha Male” lifestyle trainer John Alexander, who has four very powerful BREAKTHROUGHS to share with you that promise to elevate your love life and get you laid a lot more often!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have enjoyed teaching you…now get out there and make me proud!

Your Wingman,


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