Do you or your lover struggle to relax enough to really enjoy sex?

Do you miss the feel of your lover’s touch, or the look of pleasure on your face when you touch them in just the right way?

Finding time to bond with your lover
that is sensual, sexy and engaging
is the essence of erotic massage. If
you are still searching for the perfect
lover and want to learn some special
skills, or if you are in a long-term
relationship and want to help rev things up… Erotic massage is an amazing way to explore the possibilities.

This book is your guide to a new and exciting way to relax your lover and yourself, spending more
quality time together, enjoying
time learning new things

about each other’s erotic body, finding new ways to please each other and incorporating

these discoveries in to your sex life.

You are about to realize a few pretty amazing things. Start reading now so you can find out:

  •  why erotic massage is such an important element of a sensual life- how to prepare for and initiate massage
  •  how to massage your lover’s body from head to toe using a variety of techniques, from shiatsu and reflexology to tantric genital massage
  •  a fool-proof technique for progressing through an erotic massage from start to ecstatic finish
  •  all about erotic massage oils, scents and other sensual elements you can add in to make the experience even better.When you are through with this great manual, you will have all the knowledge you need to bring erotic massage into your relationship, at the dinner table, on the couch,
    in the bedroom and beyond. Ican’t wait for you to discover all the amazing ways that erotic massage can improve your sex life in real and invaluable ways!

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