Vitamin is the only program on the market specifically designed to build body control through daily, mindful practice of novel movement patterns.

Over four weeks of daily practice, you’ll drastically improve your movement control and efficiency so you can use your body more skillfully in any situation.

Ever feel like your body just isn’t cooperating?

To be completely honest, most people move like crap.

We all want to experience physical freedom and the confidence of knowing we can run, jump, and play without being limited by pains, clumsiness, or fear of injury. But more often than not, it probably feels like your body is fighting against you instead of supporting your desire to move.

Sadly, modern life doesn’t give you many options for expressing yourself physically. And as a result, we often find ourselves off-balance and clumsy when moving outside our typical comfort zone of sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping.

If you’re like most people, you’ll just chalk it up to “not being very athletic” and continue living with limited physical freedom.

…or you can do something about it.

What Movements Will You Learn?

You’ll build control by practicing 24 targeted movements over the four weeks of the course. This isn’t nearly enough time to master each movement, which means you can revisit Vitamin again and again and continue to learn and improve.

Week 1 – Getting Friendly With The Floor

You’ll practice low movement patterns like rolling and crawling to build your vestibular sense and coordination.

Week 2 – Coordinating Transitional Movements

You’ll work on locomotive and turning movements to develop strength and balance for smooth transitions.

Week 3 – Controlling Dynamic Movement

You’ll practice jumping and inverted movements to build your proprioception and agility.

Week 4 – Smoothing Out Combinations

You’ll combine movement elements to build confidence in executing complex movement patterns.

The Vitamin Course Will Help You Develop a New Respect for What Your Body Can Do

If pain-free agility and fluid movement were as easy as watching some YouTube videos, everyone would be doing it. We designed Vitamin to address the obstacles to developing better movement ability.


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