Honestly, there’s no shortage of strength training information out there. People have been getting strong for a long time, so do we really need another program?

If you’re interested in moving better, the answer is yes.

Build Practical Strength with Minimal Equipment

Classic bodyweight exercises & variations

Perfect for beginner to intermediate level

Move with confidence and resist injury

Over eight weeks of 3-6 short training sessions, you’ll build the kind of strength that carries over into demanding physical skills and dynamic sports. All you need is a pull-up bar, and a bit of floor.

Building the Strength to Move

Most strength programs are designed to create maximal output in a limited range of movement. Yeah, they get you strong, but they don’t automatically carry over into your other activities.

Many bodyweight programs are based on static holds and high-rep endurance – both useful, but not always the best way to get better at moving.

Integral Strength throws a lot of the usual assumptions about both strength training and bodyweight training out the window and reimagines how to use bodyweight exercises to create strength for performing activities requiring a high degree of physical skill and movement.

What we’ve learned from years of walking the line between strength and skill is that you don’t have to choose.

8 Weeks of Periodized Progression for Continuous Progress With No Stalling

Of course, picking the right exercises is only part of the process; we wracked our brains for the most efficient and effective protocols to strike a balance between stability and movement with enough endurance and work capacity to allow you to pursue your goals.

After completing the 8-week cycle, you can choose to move on to a different kind of training for a few weeks, or repeat Integral Strength and continue to deepen your mastery of these fundamental strength skills.


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