277 Dirty Talk System

By Jason Capital

Be horny or childish. Using names for each other’s private parts is childish. Trying to be funny in bed is childish. Asking her if she likes it, or even telling her she likes it is childish. It’s time to grow the fuck up and dominate and penetrate and tenderly love her in the bedroom the same way you dominate and penetrate the world every damn day.


  • Be calmly authoritative in your actions and words
  • Start with whispering these things in her ear, then build up – it’s much morecomfortable and calibrated to start and lead this way
  • Start slow and build up – don’t go to the most extreme stuff to start, warm it up with more general things like “You look so sexy right now” or “Your body looked so good in that dress tonight, I kept thinking about tearing it off” and don’t stop just because you haven’t seen any affirmation or positive feedback from her (a lot of females have not been with men who are this good at dirty talk so they need you to be comfortable with it first…one of the best things you can do is start slow and then throw in a “check-in” at the end of it that demands a response…hearing her respond “yes, she likes it” will give you the juice you need to really take it where you want…for example, earlier on, say “You want this bad right now, don’t you..,” because there, the “don’t you…” is check-in… if she doesn’t immediately say yes, just with calm dominance say, “I wanna hear you say it, tell me you want this bad right now..” and she will and now that she’s involved and affirmed that she likes it, she’s going to be far more open to more and more dirty talk and you’ll feel far more comfortable just letting loose, letting it ride and dirty talking her body into a total pleasure trance that grips her souls and fills her with ecstacy.)
  • On top of starting slow, understand that after she cums for the first time, she becomes even more taken and powerfully affected by these words. She also becomes far more open to some of the more dominant examples of dirty talk given here. Remember – she’s on your side.
  • Play to the power of her imagination which is already easily influenced and even more sensitive in bed ie painting pictures or whispering an exciting sexy storyline in her mind while fucking her will drive her over the edge and she will leave all her stress and worries behind as she follows you there mentally
  • Mix it up – don’t always do Dominant, don’t always do Connecting, don’t always do a little of both. You can stick with one theme the entire time if you want, and then the next time do a completely different one-theme-only, then the time after that, do a completely different mix of the two
  • Speak these words in a deep, calm, resonating voice and whisper many of them in her ear
  • Use many of these consecutively, creating a hypnotic stream of irresistible dirty talk in her mind
  • Have a set of winning words. These include: fucking, taking, mine, pussy, tight little pussy, sexy,During Sex: There are 3 main categories. Dominance, Painting In Reality and Connecting. Dominance is about control and power, which in the context of sex and privacy, she loves. Pacing In Reality is where by you saying it, it makes it true. For example, telling her how wet her pussy is before it’s soaking wet actually makes it wetter. Awesome and true. The last is Connecting – it’s less dirty and more about bonding between you and her. All 3 are related, and can and should be used together often.


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