Hey, Badass.

Today, I want you to remember that one word. “Badass.” Because that ONE WORD WILL change your life.

I don’t care who you are… what you do… or how much money you have in the bank…

… that one word will change your life..

We’ll come back to it in moment.

Right now, you’re reading this
page for one good reason…

You read my from-the-heart words in an email or on a website, and made the decision to invest in yourself with one of my programs.

It was good, wasn’t it? Not to give myself an “attaboy”, although I do that occasionally… (ok, a lot…) but let’s be honest.

It was GREAT, wasn’t it?

I’m going to state one profound truth right now, and if you, in your heart say “yes”, you’re in exactly the right place. And if you say “no”, you should click the “no, thanks” button below and get on to the next page, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

So here it is:

I’ll bet you can see yourself someday making $1,000,000+ doing what I do…

Am I right?

Admittedly, what I’m about to say is NOT for everybody. It’s only for an elite few. If yours is indeed the case, read on… your life is about to change. Here’s goes…

I’ll bet there’s a part of you that thinks…

“Damn, that Jason Capital, he writes emails that are the shit… he bangs hot babes… he makes a ton of money… he bangs hot babes… he creates cool products… he bangs hot babes… he has a cool lifestyle… he bangs hot babes…”

Basically, “He’s such a badass.”

Ah, there’s that word again. “Badass”. And in my case, “Fvcking badass.”

More on that in a moment…

I want this to be about YOU.
All about you

You: the badass.
Your badass dreams.
Your badass goals.
Your badass life…

If you’ve ever wanted to do what I do all day… have the kickass lifestyle I have… the good news is…


You really can. And I want to help you.

Today, I want to give you that one idea that can change your life, so that you too can live that dream. Because that one idea has changed MINE.

And I’m gonna give you the opportunity to see how I do it. Up close and personal.

That’s right…

I’m gonna show you my business. My entire business
Right out there in the open for all to see…

You’ll see how I do it. How I make my money. Why my bank accounts bulge.

Why? Amazingly, so you can emulate it.

Yeah, I know… I should prolly keep
what I know to myself…

It IS MY secret sauce. It’s taken me a couple years to perfect. It’s generating a strong 7-figure income stream for me today.

Marketing gooroos tell me if I reveal what I’m doing, if I open the hood, if I let you backstage, like magicians Penn and Teller revealing the secret behind a magic trick, I’ll be shooting myself in the foot.

And you know what I say to that?

Fvck them. Why? It’s very simple…

We’re Team Capital and we’re Badasses.
And NOBODY tells us what to do…

These are the same chumps who say I shouldn’t swear. Fuck that.

In my situation, their thinking is flawed. They don’t understand my business model. They don’t understand my customers like I do.

And as an end result, they want to give me advice that sucks.

Here’s why… and it’s all connected to that word… Badass.

You see, the one secret to my business success is I own a word. When I say I own it I don’t mean I went to the store and bought it.

I took the word and I made it my own. It’s MY BRAND.

That’s my secret.

Everything I do, everything I’m about, is about being a badass.

It isn’t forced. It’s natural.

For me, owning word “badass” acts as a magnet. It instantly attracts those that are or want to be badasses. The kind of people I like to hang with. People like you.

It’s simple. Devastatingly simple.

It’s a way for anybody to instantly see what you’re about. There are other strategies I use but what makes this work is it’s who I am.

There is no selling involved. I ain’t pushing
a product. And neither should you…

You can’t sell anyone on how great it is to be a badass anyway. They either get it or they don’t.

But a lot of idiots (i.e. my competition) out there try to do it.

There’s a reason why I’m talking to you right now and a reason why you’re listening. We’re compatriots. Kindred spirits. There’s an invisible, unbreakable bond, between us.

The way it works is I show people what being a badass is through my actions and my words and my ideas. And then if people want to come along for the ride, that’s cool. The more the merrier.

Now you may think all this was part of well thought out plan I masterminded in the beginning.

Honestly? Nothing could be further from the truth.

No, I fell flat on my face plenty of times. You shoulda seen me way back when. I thought about throwing in the towel once or twice. There’s definitely some magic involved.

What I just shared with you, the idea of owning a word, was something I tripped over.

Call it luck.

Honestly, I have tons of stories and strategies and tactics like that of how I got to where I am today business-wise.

So here I am CRUSHING IT online. And now that I have a few things figure out… a few things systemized… a few scrapes and bruises along the way…

I’d like to show you exactly
how you can do it for yourself…

Living not necessarily the kind of life I live, but definitely the kind of life YOU want to live.

That’s why you’re invited to a breakthrough
new program called…

I’m personally going to take a small group, along for the same ride I’m on, to help each other build out their own digital online empire.

Have you ever taken your friends to a new restaurant or new club, or a new bike trail you figured out or a new way of getting girls?

Then you know a little about how I feel right now.

Because right now, I’m on top of the world.

Not to brag, but I have what every guy wants. The money, the cars, the girls, the success…

I swear Floyd Mayweather
would be impressed.

The cool thing is:

I want to share it with you…

I want to share how I did it and how I’m doing it today, so that if you’re the kind of guy destined for big things online, you can do it too.

Right now, Digital Millionaire is like a pet project. A pet project that could turn into something mega-successful for everyone involved.

Here’s my vision:

I have a dream of not only helping guys get girls, not just
helping them get mega successful in life in general, but helping
them launch their online careers, their online businesses.

Now please understand.

What I don’t want to do is be known for being an Internet marketer type of guy. A guy that teaches people how to quote “make money online”.

That would suck big time.

Bazillions of people are doing that and quite frankly, in my book, it’s not very rewarding. Either financially, emotionally or otherwise.

I mean… think about it.

You’re spending the majority of your time selling bullshit stuff. Stuff you couldn’t care less about. Blogging for the sake of blogging. Emailing for the sake of emailing.

For some, if they want to do it, go for it. But it’s not for me. It’s not what I’m all about.

What I’m all about is making a MASSIVE,
personal difference in the guys I hang
with, the guys that hang with me…

I don’t know if you can tell, I’ve created a community, a tribe, something people want to be a part of.

In my case, we’re badasses and that’s all there is to it.

Actually, there’s a whole lot to it, which is why I’ve been able to contribute so much value.

I want to show you how you can easily do the same and build your own tribe.

So here’s how you know if you’re a fit for this program…

Basically, you want to be like me. Seriously.

Now just to be clear, I’m not saying you want to wear v-neck t-shirts, shave your head and have girls dripping all over you.

I’m not talking about you wanting my toys or my money. (Can’t have those anyway.)

I’m talking about YOU creating the lifestyle of
your dreams, supported by a tightly-run,
highly-personalized online business that throws off gobs of cash every month like clockwork…

The key is that you have something you want to share. Something a lot of other people would want.

This business, your offering, is highly personalized to you, meaning done right, YOU are the only one in the entire world who can share it the way you do.

I’m talking about
you having something…
A skill. A talent. A message.

Something only YOU can do. Something only you can provide.

Now you may say…

“Jason, I love the idea. But the only thing I’m known for is making
guys cry when I beat their ass on Call of Duty.”

Call of Duty? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you realize how many guys would crawl across broken glass to learn from you?

Or you may say…

“Jason, I have a skill but it’s not very useful. I do anime art.”

Holy fuck! A guy that does anime art… the hottest art on the planet… and he doesn’t think that’s worth anything?

Or you may say….

“Jason, the only thing I know how to do is crank code.”

Damn! This is the Internet buddy. Do you realize what you’re saying? The opportunity is wide open for guys who know how to bend the Internet to their will.

Listen up, and I mean really listen up, the real question is this:

How passionate are you
about what it is you do?

Because if you’re passionate about something, I guarantee you, you can build an online business around it.

And you’ll look like a goddamn superhero to the world doing it.

Ok well, maybe if you’re into training cockroaches, or teaching people the lost art of umbrella repair, you may have a point. But other than that?

I’m talking right now to
a Future Millionaire…


No kidding. I was once like you. Just a guy with a passion. A dream.

I did it and you can too. And it doesn’t take a big investment at all.

There are tons of other examples out there, and I’ll dissect each one as part of the Digital Millionaire System – recently revealed at my $5,000 2-day Digital Millionaire event in Southern California. (but don’t worry, you won’t pay that. See below.)

I’ll explain how these various online business models works. Because I‘ve talked to these guys, these digital entrepreneurs every day, personally.

But most importantly, I want to share my own because you see it in action every day.

Sure you may think you get it, but I guarantee you don’t yet.

That’s why you need to
click the “Yes, I’m In!” button and secure your copy of the Digital Millionaire System.

I want you to look under the hood. And see for yourself
how a 7-figure online business is put together.
Piece by piece. So you can do it for yourself.

In my case, with my badass “brand,” it’s something I do and only I can do.

Now you may say “Jason, other people are already doing that.”

You know what I say?

BFD. Do I look like I care?

Sure, there are other posers. Yet they can’t compete. Why? Because of three things and you know them to be true:

  1. Every cell, every fiber of my being oozes badass. That’s not to impress you, that’s just what is.
  2. Every fiber of my being, every word out of my mouth, every action take is about helping YOU becoming a badass yourself.
  3. And hands down, I’ve discovered how to unleash that inner badass inside you, better than anyone else ever could.

Think that gives me a little bit of an edge?
Think people like you can see through other guys’ bullshit?

You bet.

And you wanna know what’s cool? You can do something similar, given your own dreams, desires, skills and talents.

In your case, it could really be anything.

But it’s got to fulfil a few basic requirements. It’s gotta be something other people want for themselves. And it’s got to light you up like a roman candle.

You DON’T have to figure it out now. That’s one of the key parts to Digital Millionaire, where you’ll discover that thing, that ONE THING that makes everything else possible in your life.

I’ll help you. The guys around you, your teammates will help you.

And then you’ll be on your way. It’ll just be mechanics after that.

This program is about how to take my wildly successful business model and apply it to what you want to accomplish online and in your life.

I figured this out and now I want to share with guys who want to do it for themselves.

The rewards are amazing…

Let’s talk about financial first,
because that’s the one you
probably want to hear about most…

Yeah, today, I’m a millionaire. But that’s not the most important asset I have.

My most important asset is my relationship with you. My tribe. I mean it. None of it would be possible without you.

So you’ll learn how to create a tribe, a tribe willing to pay you money to do what you’d probably do anyway for free.

How fvcking cool is that?

With the right strategy, like the ones you’ll get when you attend Digital Millionaire, you’ll leave the event starting to create your own tribe.

Now you may say “Jason, I need a product. I don’t have a product.

Yes, you do. The product is yourself.

YOU are the product…

I’m not kidding. I publish products all the time. You know this.

But I’m clear on one thing. When it comes right down to it. *I* am the product.

That one distinction alone is worth a fortune to you.

Because most people are out there trying to just peddle information. Tips. Tools. Software. Whatever.

That’s just BS.

Why? Because anyone can go out and scrape gobs of information off the Internet, but no one and I mean no one can scrape YOU.

That means you personally can add all sorts of value to information that’s already out there.

Don’t confuse what people are really buying. They’re not buying some software, or information, or whatever.

They’re buying YOU

Your perspective. Your style. Your communication. Your attitude.

Which means you have to know how to initiate, create, cultivate that trust from day one.

Just like I cultivated over time with you:

Inside Digital Millionaire,
Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • The 7 qualities and characteristics of million-dollar Digital Millionaire idea that rocks…
  • The one 7-figure Digital Millionaire idea in your life that makes everything else possible–the money, the fame, the tribe, the toys…
  • How to get your Digital Millionaire business up and running in less than 3 days…
  • How to attract the first 100 people into your tribe (100 doesn’t sound like much. If you can get 100, you can get 1000)…
  • How to turn those first members of your tribe into rabidly loyal customers who buy your stuff…
  • Then, how to get your tribe members to buy from you again and again. (No trickery required–ever)…
  • What to do if you’re not used to interacting with lots of people (there are multiple ways to handle this, all easy)…
  • How to connect with your tribe deeply, without forcing it or having come off as “tries too hard”…
  • How you can create, build, grow a fiercely loyal tribe of thousands who want what you have to offer–people who want to be you when it comes to what you’re amazing at!
  • 3 reasons why your “competition” is irrelevant (and at best, your best friends)

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