Email Millionaire is my core money-making business strategy laid bare for all to gawk and gaze at–like super hot girl at the club on Friday night.

(And better yet, you get to take her home and have your wicked way with her!)

Seriously, if making money online has escaped you in the past – this program is for you.

What I discovered watching
Penn and Teller up close…Here in Vegas, there are these magicians you probably heard of. Penn and Teller.

I swear I’ve seen their show a dozen times and it pisses me off every time!


Because here I am, right in front row, and I can see the trick… upclose… heck, I’m practically on top of them…

But I still can’t figure it out.

I’ve shared that to say this:

I *KNOW* you see my emails every day. I know you think you see what I’m doing.

AND YOU DO. You see the magic, yet…

What you don’t see is THE TRICK that makes it work.

What you don’t see YET is the structure, strategy,
the blinding simplicity, the careful word selection and
planning that goes into my daily communication with you…

It’s all deliberately designed to do several purposeful things. It’s layered, one element on top of another. Like one of those little russian dolls, you keep opening and opening.

Obviously, there’s a money making component. That’s an easy one to spot, right?

But if all I did was pitch products all day, you’d quickly move on, wouldn’t you?

Yet, you don’t…


You actually READ MY EMAILS.
You DEVOUR them. Every frickn’ day.

Why? For multiple reasons:

  • Obviously, I’m trying to teach you something. And you’re trying to learn.
  • I’m also trying to LEAD every single guy in my badass tribe in a worthy direction. A direction YOU ultimately want to go.
  • And you also get to live vicariously through me and my money-making and often highly sexual activities…

Plus, there are the “secret sauce” elements that pull it all together in a way which are uniquely me, and me alone. A way which I reveal to you in Email Millionaire…

The BIG 5 “Secret Sauce
Ingredients in Email Millionaire That
Create a Rabid Loyal Tribe of Buyers…

Inside Email Millionaire, I’ve ripped apart my email strategy into 5 SIMPLE yet mind-blowing components:

Million Dollar Component #1:

Welcome to my badass tribe

When guys come into my orbit, unlike other marketing dudes out there, you’ll discover how I treat you.

It’s an EXTREMELY unique strategy. Flies totally under the radar.

Honestly, I’ve tried the standard email marketing rules you read in books and learn at seminars from the gurus.

Wanna know my opinion? They’re lukewarm BS and only end up wasting everybody’s damn time.

Here’s my secret: I’ve learned how to inject massive quantities of EMOTION from the get-go.

Million Dollar Component #2:

Getting your celebrity status

When a promising actor or musician signs with a major agency (think Ari Gold in Entourage) they are given “the treatment”.

Basically, the agency is going to POSITION their talent in the minds of the public.

That’s what we’re going to do next WITH YOU, except via email. Which is even more impactful.


Because by the time I’m done showing you, you’re going to be communicating personally to each person in your tribe individually–except on a mass basis.

This naturally leads us to…

Million Dollar Component #3:

How to communicate with your
growing following via a daily
kickass tribal newsletter

This my badass friend, is where the magic happens.

I am going to give you the keys to the kingdom.

I promise you, not one in 1000 gets this. And if they do get it, they fvck it up royally.

You won’t. Because I am going to take you by the hand and show you not only what I do, and how I do it, but also WHY I do it.

Which is the key.

I mean… you read my emails, right?

However, I’ll also bet you at some point you said to yourself…

“WTF? Why did he say THAT?”

Trust me, EVERY WORD, every image, is designed to evoke and provoke one or more of my SEVEN DIFFERENT OUTCOMES.

Yeah, I have SEVEN OUTCOMES for each email I want to achieve. And I’m going to reveal them for the first time in this course.

This is critical. You’ll finally be able to put 2 + 2 together–and watch how I make it come out to 22, not just 4.

Million Dollar Component #4:

How to Make Your Tribe
Buy Everything You’ve

Listen, as you’ll discover, it’s an absolute blast communicating with my tribe every day. (Watch the video above and see how I do it.)

And one of the highlights it when I get everyone together and get them to do something.

For instance…

I am committed that every guy in
my tribe BE A HIGH STATUS guy.

I’m intent on everyone experiencing what it’s like to own a room, bang a 10 and be able to have people around him see MY BROTHER as the ultimate badass he already is.

I have a program called STATUS that I’ve put my heart and soul into for the past 3 years. And you better be sure, I am intent on every bruv buying it.

Here’s the key: It’s NOT because I want to make money.

I want them to buy it because it’ll fvcking change their life .

That commitment to the brotherhood, that attitude, is what MATTERS. Follow my lead and you’ll be able to do this as well.

You’ll learn my willful, take-no-prisoners, approach. You’ll discover the 3-day email strategy and all the ESSENTIAL ingredients that go into each strategic email.

The most important thing you’ll get out of this?

How to make the process effortless.

eah, effortless. Fun. Exciting. An adventure.

Please understand: YOU’RE NOT SELLING. You’re not pushing. You’re effortlessly pulling each person in your tribe across the finish line of their life–with each and every product or service you put out there.

It’s a blast. The feedback you get is a mind blow. It’s EUPHORIC! There’s NO BETTER FEELING than changing someone’s life.

Oh yeah, I forgot. There is.

There’s no better feeling than changing everyone in your tribe’s life AT THE SAME TIME.

You’ll see. Then you’ll know in your heart, being an EMAIL MILLIONAIRE is probably the best job in the entire world.

And now it gets better. Way better.

Million Dollar Component #5:

How to Get Your Tribe To Jump on
“Big Ticket” Products Like Feeding
Frenzy of Hungry Piranhas

Here’s the best part:

What if you could sell hundreds of
$1,000 to $10,000 products
with nothing more than simple email?

Yeah, here’s where YOUR LIFE changes.

No doubt, doing that is A SKILL. And because you’re one of my tribe, it’s a skill I’m willing to share with you.

The first time it happens, you’ll shake your head in disbelief. But your bank account won’t lie.

The size of your tribe won’t matter one iota. Don’t let scarcity minded thinking hold you back.

You can do this.

Even if you had a puny, tiny tribe of just 100, that’s still a lot.

Think about it: That’s 100 people following your every word, your every move, your every email.

Imagine selling JUST 10% of them on a $1000 product. (For the record, I get way more than that.)

That’s $10,000+ CASH slamming your bank
account. Just using email. And I’m going to show you
how you get WAY MORE than that.

And you’ll do it ethically, morally, legally and most of all, do it so that it makes you feel so damn good to be helping so many people in your tribe.

Trust me, they’ll adore you.


Because you’re doing something nobody does:


That’s right. YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR TRIBE. You’d KILL for your tribe.

It isn’t just a list. They aren’t just “prospects.” And They definitely aren’t “leads.” (Despite what the marketing goorooz say.)

That’s just BULLSHIT thinking.

And the minute you start thinking like that, you are just like all those other posers out there trying to get into your wallet.

I’m going to make goddamn sure that NEVER happens to you. How?

By giving you MY MILLION DOLLAR STRATEGIES, MY TACTICS and MY MINDSET which I’ve perfected over the last 4 years.

More About Your Fledging Tribe…

Understand: the tribe you’ll create is a group of real people connected to you, their leader. They’re not just email addresses.

Get this: And you ALL are connected to an idea. (Whatever that idea is is totally up to you.)

For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. It’s part of our deep primal memory. (And you get to leverage that.)

Now, a group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.

The secret to leading your tribe IS SIMPLE:

  • 1 Do what you believe in.
  • 2 Email your tribe.
  • 3 Paint a picture of the future.
  • 4 Be the first one to go first.

They will follow. Do it right, people will buy. IN DROVES.

Trust me, leading your tribe will change your life and make you A MILLIONAIRE in the process.

In Email Millionaire, you’ll also discover…

  • How to use social proof like a Kardashian and become a celebrity yourself in the process if you want…
  • Secrets the richest email marketers all know (but willing only reveal if a gun is held to their head)…
  • How to “hack your tribe’s brain” so that when you talk to your tribe “in THEIR language” it’ll seem like you’re in their head thinking their thoughts for them…
  • 3 stupid mistakes almost everybody initially makes that get your emails unopened and deleted…
  • How to give what you’re doing the unleashed passion (and possibly fury) of a “Black Lives Matter” riot…
  • How to create CRUSHING SUBJECT LINES as eye-grabbing as NY Post Headlines (Plus my own swipe file of subject lines that have worked like gangbusters for me that I’ll share with you)…
  • Why being PC – politically correct is THE KISS OF DEATH…
  • How to turn buying from you, becoming your customer into a privilege…
  • How to look larger-than-life (if you’re the shy, modest, hide-your-light-under-a-bushel type, and refuse to share yourself, DO NOT buy this program because we are going to make you A STAR)…
  • How to LEGITIMATELY “borrow” the credibility of famous people…
  • How to infuse your copy with energy, emotion and passion from the subject line until the last PS…
  • Why and how it pays dividends to segment your list (Which would be akin to giving certain members of your tribe box seats at a Lakers Game)
  • Why you should take YOUR brand as seriously as Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan and Donald Trump does theirs
  • How to come up with content to write about that your tribe really wants to know and learn. (Writing secrets only “The Hef” would know)…
  • Unconventional ways to encourage your tribe to interact with you…
  • 5 ways to know if you’re making an impact every day (Love reading about how great you are? Then this program is for you)…
  • How to encourage REAL testimonials and reviews THAT ROCK! (Hint: When one writes in, they ALL will want to write in and you should see the impact this has on sales – there’s a reason Amazon has reviews on its site)…
  • What would Tony Stark write to his tribe? You’ll find out…
  • How make sure your tribe opens all your emails NO MATTER WHAT (no trickery or fakery required)…
  • How to make your tribe as tight as a badass motorcycle club (willing to take a bullet for each other)…
  • Dozens of disarmingly simple tactics I use to seal the deal and get people to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY…
  • How to make your emails as possible to ignore as Donald Trump
  • Why I *HATE* autoresponders with a passion–this will shock you…
  • How an email list can help you get laid (Yeah, it can–because it gives you S T A T U S–you should become an email millionaire for THIS if not for anything else)
  • Swipe files of my best emails and subject lines (Your subject lines have to rock, because if they don’t, no one reads the rest)
  • The most powerful way I know to capture someone’s attention and get them to do what you ask…

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