Their jaws dropped in admiration.

Because I closed 50% of the room for $540,000 in passive income over the next year.

The best part?

I did it all with a simple phrase.

And I didn’t have to do anything after that close.

I could go to sleep, wake up, and see THOUSANDS in my account without fail.

But I chose to keep working for you, even though..

I Made Money While Sleeping..

Now, don’t be fooled, my results are not typical.

See, I’ve been doing this for years now, having trained over 200,000 guys in over 120 countries, and I’m not even close to being finished with what I set out to do.

And for those of you new around here, allow me restate my purpose, my mission:

Team Capital Mission

Every day when I wake up, I’m working toward growing a badass tribe of guys who are..


UNSTOPPABLE when it comes to wealth, business, finances, and being an absolute badass in all areas of their lives.

I want to equip you with a badass mindset.. I want to hand you the keys to your financial freedom.. I want to show you the psychology.. The strength..The SUPERIOR wealth, deal-making, and income-skyrocketing strategies you need to CRUSH IT.

Then I want to lead you in life to battle every day with me by your side and have you emerge from the fog of war every night, VICTORIOUS. Leaving your mark on this earth.

And to do it in the faster, most efficient way possible.

Now, In order to do that..

You need money. And lots of it.

But make no mistake, I’m going to show you how to get it, make it, and keep it, right now.

Because if you’re interested in potentially having even a fraction of that same money-making power with your own business and finances, I need you to pay close attention to every single word you see on this page now.

Because I’m going to handing over the exact blueprints to not just one, two, or even three..

..but FIVE of my personal word-for-word money making phrases that you can use anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.

Just sprinkle them into any conversation and watch the money pile up.

And I’m going to reveal to you exactly how you can do that:

• Without using any pathetic salesman trickery..
• Without memorizing any boring closes and scripts..
• And without even breaking a sweat..

How is that possible, you wonder?

I’ll show you how in just a second, but before I do..
Do You Still Have Moments
Where You Have To Think
About What To Say
To Make Money?

I don’t care whether it’s in person, over the phone, or online via email.

Of course you have had those moments.

Probably still do.

Everyone does when they’re starting out.

Because we’ve all had moments when we’re trying to sell someone something, whether it be a product, service, or just selling them on doing something where we frantically try and scramble to find the right words to say to get lock everything in.

And what usually happens?

It comes out forced, planned, and hits their “salesman radar”, instantly turning them OFF.

How do I know?

I’ve been inside of your shoes, exactly where you are right now, years ago.

And back then, I would’ve given my left nut to learn the same methods that you’re about to gain instant access to right now on this page.

See at the time, I was struggling big time.

I had this little basketball website because it was my passion.

What a joke.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I was missing something..
The ONE Word I Accidentally Stumbled
Upon That Made All The Difference..

And I was so angry with myself for it at first.

Because I was putting everything I had – blood, sweat, tears, even money I DIDN’T HAVE – into this basketball business and nothing but more debt and work was sent back my way.

No reward, no pat on the back, and especially no sales.

I felt like I was wasting my time.

And what made things worse was that everyone around me kept telling me to quit, give up, and do “the right thing” and get a “normal” job.

Sound familiar?

But that all quickly changed as soon as I came across a single word that flipped everything around for me..

Because after I put this one word into practice my entire business, bank account, and freedom SKYROCKETED, as if they were put on steroids.

That one word?

And if there’s any secret to the game, this is it.

There are thousands of medical studies to back this up from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and the research all points to the same thing:

Flat out, people respect authority.

When you have authority, it’s like a switch is turned on in your prospect’s brain.

Their psychology changes, they’re primed and ready to follow you.

And once I show you how to duplicate my authority into your own business with these simple easy-to-use phrases, It’s like using a samurai sword while your competition is still using a plastic knife.

Because when you have authority, people take everything you have to say as gospel.

They follow your lead.

They foam at the mouth every single time you open yours to give them advice.

And they are eager to get their wallets out when you have something to sell them.

Because they AUTOMATICALLY trust you.

Without you even trying.

The best part?

Authority Can Be Generated FOR YOU

It can be produced, reproduced, and manufactured.

So even if you don’t have the authority right now..

I’m going to show you my FIVE guaranteed go-to money-making phrases that will force every conversation that you have, whether it be on the phone, face to face, or over email ooze with authority like no one’s business.

I’m talking injecting your current authority with STEROIDS.

See, these phrases are going to do all the heavy lifting FOR YOU.

They’re going to make making money EFFORTLESS.

They’re going to make making money FUN.

And it will be like having Jason Capital by your side every single time you want to make money.

That way, never again do you have to struggle with getting tangled up in your thoughts frantically trying to figure out the right thing to say in the middle of a conversation.

Because we both know how that usually ends.

With you going home, staring at a blank screen, alone, WITHOUT a check or sale.

And we’re going to do it all with a few new, cutting edge discoveries that I’ve made recently that aren’t in any other newsletter or training of mine – in essence – you’re getting my NEWEST stuff.

But before I reveal this powerful system to you, I need you to understand:

It’s Not What You Think

You see, there’s a ton of bullshit out there online about how to make money.

From other “success coaches” who don’t even use their own methods, feeding you closing scripts as if you were a mindless robot, to nitwit teens who think they know everything because they read a book on sales..

It’s all lies and these idiots are everywhere. They’ve never closed anything shy of a door.

So if you’re into scripts that take heavy memorizing, these phrases are not for you.

I’m not talking about any of that script shit.

I’m talking about breaking rules (and more than few records along the way)..

I’m talking about making REAL money and living the life you deserve..

I’m talking about letting me do the heavy lifting for you..

..and leveraging my years of expertise, hard work, and timeless hours researching, testing, and applying selling methods and different money making phrases to create a multi-million dollar online empire for myself, and now, for you.

All you have to do is open your mouth, and money making words flow out.

Because I want to make YOU and everyone else is my badass tribe FILTHY RICH.

That’s why I’m inviting you be one of the few Team Capital members to use..

The Million-Dollar Phrases System reveals my 5 personal go-to money-making phrases.

All laid bare for you, word-for-word, so you can easily copy them into your own business.

Just sprinkle these words in the middle of any conversation and watch how easy it is to sell them on anything, a product, a service, consulting, even simply to go and do something for you.

And unlike those other chumps, there’s no memorization required.

Just sit back, and let me infuse everything I have to offer into that beautiful brain of yours.

Seriously, if making money online, in person, or over the phone has escaped you in the past – this is the program for you.

What I Discovered Watching
The Best Closers In The World

Years ago, I used to go to every workshop, Mastermind, and Selling Retreat you can think of.

I swear I’ve seen every single one of the best closers in the world dozens of times and it pissed me off every single time back then!


Because there I was, right in front row, I could hear the words.. I could see the tonality.. I could feel the urgency..

I knew I was getting sold with certain phrases, but it didn’t matter.

I still couldn’t figure out the formula to make it work, until one day..

After years and years of tedious research, compiling study after study, and trying hundreds of selling phrases on my friends, family, and business prospects, it finally “clicked”.

It all made sense, and I was off full force closing full rooms for butt loads of money.

I’ve shared this with you to say:

I *KNOW* you’ve seen my emails everyday.

I *KNOW* you’ve seen my videos.

I *KNOW* you’ve seen these phrases in person.

You’ve seen all the components, yet..

..what you don’t see is how to put them together to make it work.

What you don’t see YET is the structure,
the underlying psychological principles,
the strategy, the blinding simplicity,
the careful word selection, the pace, the tone,
and the deliberate pauses that go into every sentence..

Each phrase is deliberately designed, layered, one element on top of another.

Because right now, you might think you have all the assembly pieces..

But you’re missing the blueprint that shows you how to put everything together.

You’re missing the instructions. You’re missing the guidance. You’re missing what I’m offering.

Sure, you could try and put it all together yourself, but do you really want to leave something as valuable as your finances and future to chance?

Especially when you have me by your side, leading you every step of the way.

These phrases are like having me there with you, every time you try and make money.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll be learning with every phrase:

Million-Dollar phrase 1

the authority

  • My personal favorite closing method that has made myself as well as my 75k/year clients MILLIONS in the past year alone,
    pay close attention..
  • The REAL reason why authority causes everyone
    around you to comply with your wishes (NOTE:
    this can be used for EVIL. Please check-in with
    your moral compass)..
  • The foolproof way to creating authority in your
    marketplace, so even if you don’t have it now,
    I’ll show you the quickest way to get it and KEEP it..
  • The Wrap-around Authority Tactic. The sneaky way
    I leverage all the power of brands, businesses, and celebrities for my own personal income gain..
  • How to make the social perception of you so great that all the work, all the persuasion, all the selling, and all the authority is DONE FOR YOU (I’m talking Wealth Attraction on steroids).
  • The “Hugh Hefner” Millionaire Code. How to manufacture god-like celebrity status (yes, this can make you rich, yet the same keys can be used to unlock your dream pussy-filled lifestyle)..
  • The key to not falling victim to the deadly “authority-society bias”, ensuring you continue to live life on your own terms so that you’re constantly progressing in business..
  • The Dan Kennedy Authority play. How to force the customer to play and purchase by YOUR rules rather than their own, this key..
  • My favorite 5-second trick for implementing Cialdini’s principle of influence to leverage and skyrocket my own income on a daily basis so that you can copy it for yourself..
  • The #1 key to having sales, speaking, and money-making opportunities come to YOU so that you don’t have to do any of the extra work for no reason..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Million-Dollar phrase 2

the invisible

  • The “Shy Guy” method for closing any deal or sale,
    specifically designed for someone who isn’t
    comfortable with people doing stuff for him..
  • My famous 2-step system for turning ANY
    possible lead into a rabid, hungry buyer who’s
    ready to pull out his credit card in a moment’s
    notice for everything you put out..
  • The sneaky trick to having your whole pitch fly
    under the radar so that you don’t come off
    as a sleazy salesman but someone who is trying
    to provide value (which is the #truth)..
  • The 3 questions you must ask yourself BEFORE trying
    to sell someone on something, skip this step and you’ll be doomed from the get go..
  • The “irresistible intrigue” model for sparking and creating deep seeded desire and want for whatever is it that you’re offering so that the prospect is instantly drawn towards purchasing..
  • How to flip the scripts and get the prospect to do what you want with a simple phrase..
  • A business owner’s dream. How to create an inseparable bond with everyone in your tribe so that they’ll constantly look to you for answers and more training..
  • How to generate the least amount of resistance between you and your customers so that they’re ready and primed to purchase with zero friction, zero pressure, and zero second thoughts..
  • How to stop “trading time for money” by creating certainty in your business so that you can start stressing less, and living MORE..
  • The key to not overwhelming your clients (most people fvck this up completely and lose out on any chance they have of making the sale)..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Million-Dollar phrase 3

the patrick

  • How to leverage the teaching of the great Patrick Henry in
    every close you ever give so that you’re constantly
    selling under the radar without coming
    off as deceitful..
  • The simple 5-letter word you need to start using
    to make your first sale and how to scale it from
    there ( wait until you make your 1000th sale)..
  • Why trust is one of the most SACRED things
    you can build with your tribe and my exact
    method on how to get it without any work
    on your part..
  • The secret to Richard Branson’s success and riches, and exactly what you can take away from him to do the same..
  • The “Moral Authority” close and exactly how it creates an indivisible bond between you and your client so that they end up buying from you FOR LIFE..
  • The keys to adapting your selling power, influence, and persuasion skills to that of a Steve Jobs, rather than a measly used car salesman..
  • My cardinal secret when it comes to having over 200,000 guys in 130+ countries rabidly following and purchasing from me daily, and exactly how you can duplicate this process for yourself..
  • The secret to disrupting and dismantling the competition so that they’re not even a worry but just an unimportant afterthought for your customer when buying from you..
  • The weird trick to sparking insurmountable devotion with each and every single of your followers today so that they follow you, and ONLY you..
  • My go-to “trust building” words you can sprinkle into any conversation for an unbreakable connection with your clients, prospects, and customers..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Million-Dollar phrase 4

the invisible
swing set

  • The CAU difference and how you can use it today for selling
    (it’s NOT what you think)..
  • The 3-step system designed to infuse your customer’s
    mind with a rollercoaster of GREAT emotions
    so that they’re always in a buying mood..
  • The simplest way to LEAD the conversation
    when it comes to getting people to do what you
    want, skip this important steps and you might
    as well have not even started..
  • How to spark predictable, intense DESIRE for what
    you have to offer.. This works in the boardroom
    with selling, and in the bedroom with women..
  • The psychological principle that “born sellers” all use on a daily basis and how you can start doing it too without even thinking about it.. (can you say cha ching?)
  • Avoid these income killing words when it comes to selling so that you don’t come off as an untrustworthy salesman..
  • My simple 3 step method for turning the tables on your customer so that you’re not trying to convince them to buy, but they’re trying to convince you to let them purchase..
  • The trick to getting your client EXCITED about everything you have to offer them so that they’re ready to pull their credit card out for you..
  • The 3 easy-to-implement tacts for intense, unstoppable desire for your product, service, and never ending value..
  • The trick to getting your advice followed every single time, without delay, so that you’re considered the expert in your niche immediately..
  • And much, MUCH more..

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