Building The Beast eDVD Outline

In this content filled eDVD you will learn from two of the giants in the fitness industry on how to get your clients strong and lean at the same time. With decades of experience and countless titles in bodybuilding and powerlifting between them John Meadows aka the Mountain Dog and Paul Carter have established themselves respectively as two of the leaders in the fitness industry worldwide.

With over 3 hours of content you will learn the following from this eDVD:

  • How to pick apart the good from the bad when it comes to program design for bodybuilding
  • How to perform the correct technical application of exercise technique for every body part. You will learn how to actually feel and work the muscle you are targeting!
  • How to understand the physiology of the macro and micronutrients and how they interact with optimizing strength and hypertrophy
  • How to pick apart the good from the bad when it comes to nutritional program design for bodybuilding
  • The advanced principles of John Meadows world-renowned Mountain Dog Nutrition system!
  • How to understand what supplementation you should use and when you should use it
  • Contest preparation and peaking for on stage with bodybuilding, figure and physique athletes!

eDVD course modules:

  • Training The 3 Fundamental Lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift)
  • Optimal Training Techniques For The Back & Shoulders
  • How To Build A Base Nutrition Plan
  • Nutrient Timing For Optimal Body Composition Results
  • Nutritional Programming 12 Weeks Out (Pre-competition)
  • Nutritional Programming Reverse Dieting (Post-competition)
  • Nutritional Programming For Maintenance (Off-season)


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