ATTENTION: Men suffering from low energy and lack of strength

Discover these 17 juicing recipes that stop the “limp libido syndrome” dead in its tracks, boost your testosterone, skyrocket your sex drive and reclaim your manhood naturally in 14 days or less.

All without buying expensive herbs you can’t pronounce, having a degree in culinary arts, or wasting hours doing something boring…
You are AT RISK for “limp libido syndrome” if you are suffering any of these symptoms…
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of Sex Drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Acne
  • “man boobs” or gynecomastia
  • Insomnia
  • Foggy Thinking
  • Immune system compromise
  • Impaired athletic performance
  • Slow healing
  • Low energy and “mid-day slump”
  • Decrease muscle mass
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts and many more…

Testosterone is vital for several reasons and is the hormone that makes you feel like a man. The limp libido syndrome is caused by a sharp decrease of testosterone levels in your blood. Testosterone levels will decline naturally with age but some factors aggravate and make the drop premature.

Lurking in your environment and the food and beverages you eat and drink every day, there are 7 sneaky little virility vampires that steal your natural power, rob you of your youth, and ignite a cascade of genes deep inside your body’s cells that shrivel your libido and raw masculine energy!

Now you can HALT and REVERSE premature aging… ooze masculinity and rock her world with my proven, fast and easy – breakthrough juice cocktails

At first, I did find it hard to believe but it’s true.

And I’m going to tell you about it today. But first, I think a proper introduction is in order.

Hi, my name is Olivier Langlois.

But my friends call me The Erotic Juice Messiah
Because despite I am 40, I now feel and act like a 25 years old man…

With the help of a secret stash of
delicious blended beverage recipes that:

  • Make that special woman in your life squeal with feminine delight…
  • Make your manhood pulse with throbbing power…
  • Make your muscles swell with life-blood…
  • And make your veins burst from your skin like they’re being inflated by an industrial oil pump

These Juices Slay The Virility Vampires
Dragging You Down

You Too Can Juice Up Your Charisma To Attract All The Women You Want!

Here is a recent photo I took with a 24 years old hottie that begs to see me just so she can get a taste of the passion and pleasure that ANY man can deliver once they neutralize the dreaded virility vampires that are unavoidable in our modern world that are stealing your swagger.

Voila !

Starting Today You Can Gain An
Overwhelming Advantage To:

  • Tap into the pulsing power of the natural masculinity that the nasty “virility vampires” are suppressing…
  • Torch the feminine fat deposits and “man boobs” that repel the hottest women
  • Reinvigorate your metabolism to build slabs of lean, sexy muscles
  • Develop the golden glow of mystery, charisma, and dominance that women find irresistible and men naturally respect regardless of your age, height, or income
  • Decrease your risk of depression, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
  • Reverse impotence giving you the throbbing, rock-solid erections of a teenager
  • Give you the energy and willpower required to tackle with and overcome personal and professional challenges

The Hormone Hacks Discovery For Substantially Boosting Your Natural Testosterone

My life wasn’t always so amazing. Just a few short years ago I suffered from the #1 epidemic that’s ravaging men’s hormones all over the world…the limp libido syndrome.

I was fat and I felt sluggish, tired, and unrested. I had just enough energy to play video games when I was not sleeping. Let’s not talk about my sex life. I had a hard time to have solid erections. It didn’t matter much anyway because my libido was practically inexistent.

I was depressed, my mind was always foggy and unfocused, I had no energy and I noticed that even though I was hitting the gym more often I wasn’t gaining any muscle.

I had to drink 5 large coffees every day just to stay awake at work and I was getting less and less done all the time. My boss had started to notice and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to “pick up the pace” or risk losing my livelihood.

To top all of this off…my girlfriend of 2 years told me that she was no longer happy in our relationship.”

I felt like a total loser. I felt like even though I’m still a young man in the prime of his life… I was aging prematurely and was feeling more sluggish and tired all of the time and had less swagger, less joie-de-vivre, and less of my natural, powerful charisma every day.

I sank into a deep depression. I started drinking beer more heavily and watching lots of T.V. I stopped wanting to go places and enjoy my life…

This made everything that much worse for me as I spiraled deeper into despair.

Finally, I decided that enough was enough !

I was going to get to the root of the cause of this problem once and for all.

I made an appointment to go see my doctor because I just felt like something must be wrong. He took my pulse and gave me a normal check-up and told me that I appeared to be in perfect health.

The next thing he suggested was to get a little blood work done just to “rule out anything serious.”

This made me very nervous…but I desperately wanted to know what could be causing me to feel so sluggish, lethargic, and…well…just plain OLD!

So I got the stupid blood work done and when the results came back I was relieved and totally shocked at the same time to learn that I had the limp libido syndrome with testosterone levels of a man twice my age!

But the most shocking part was what he told me next…

“Olivier” he said “I think that you’re a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.”

I was dumbfounded…

“Me” I thought “Like those pathetic men in the pharmaceutical ads who rub gel in their armpits so they can become slightly less pathetic…?”

No Way !

I wasn’t going to do that.

Plus, I remembered reading an article written by a top endocrinologist (hormone doc) warning men that TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) can permanently destroy their ability to manufacture their own supply of this life-enhancing miracle hormone.

The thought of becoming permanently dependent on synthetic T just so I could feel a little better was completely unacceptable to me.

Not to mention that I didn’t want:
  • To get a swollen prostate or increase my risk of prostate cancer
  • To start accumulating fatty deposits like female breast tissue due to aromatization (converting T to estrogen)
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Acne breakouts like an oily-skinned teenager
  • Shriveled balls that feel like small sun-dried tomatoes

I decided that I was going to solve this issue myself by searching for a more natural testosterone treatment. No matter what it took I was going to regain my natural masculinity, my confidence, my manly ambition, and the native swagger that nature’s joy elixir bestows upon men.

I was going to solve this problem myself even if it kills me!

What I Discovered Was A Shocking Truth EVERY Modern Man Needs to Know

According to a study performed by Travison et al.[1] in the period from 1986 to 2006 the average level of free testosterone of men in the study (compared to men his own age) has fallen off a CLIFF!

Just 20 years ago your testosterone levels would have been 25% HIGHER than they are NOW!

That’s Insane !

That kind of drop makes a 30-year-old man equivalent to what a 55-year-old man was just 20 years ago!

No wonder I had been feeling my age while I am still in my physical prime.

What’s more…nearly 1 in 4 men experiences lower than normal testosterone levels for his age (compared to only 1 in 20 men 30 years ago).

I HAD to figure this out.

I needed to know the real reason I was suffering from andropause when I should have been out enjoying the prime of my life…

So I went to work.

I started reading study after study…

I devoured literature on all the usual suspects stress, sleep, diet, and exercise…

And what I discovered was that the real cause of low T is not what everyone thinks it is.

See, most of the “advice” out there will tell you that to increase your T levels you need to get healthier sleep, work out more, and eat more fat.

All of these are true of course…

  But they are merely band-aids.

The real causes of low T are the 7 Virility Vampires that are lurking in your food, in your water, and in the air you breathe…

The 7 Virility Vampires are also known as xenoestrogens.

Every day, with every step you take, you douse yourself with a hefty dose of these vampires that drain your body of the ability to spring the golden hormone of masculine mastery, and give you the “Man of Steel” countenance, the raw strength and energy, and the potent sex drive YOU DESERVE.

Then one day, after talking to a very knowledgeable naturopath…

it clicked for me.

He said to me “Olivier, you have to think of your body’s natural T production like a boat.”
“Things like diet, sleep and exercise are the ‘sails’ of that boat,” he said. “They push your body to make more of the hormone or signal to your body to release the hormone that’s bound to other molecules so that it can do its job of rebuilding tissue, helping the neuro­circuitry of your brain feel powerful and give you that ‘glow’ that a man possessed.”
“But the real problem…” he continued “isn’t that you don’t have enough ‘wind’ to drive the sails forward…it’s that you have too many ‘holes’ from 7 common Virility Vampires in your environment that are causing your ‘boat’ to sink.”

It Was Like a Lightning Bolt Suddenly Jolted my Brain…

I suddenly started to understand what was happening.

Every routine I was following to try and regain my swagger, charisma, and natural masculine power was aimed at driving my Testosterone “boat” forward…

What I really needed was a way to quickly, naturally, and permanently annihilate the Virility Vampires that were sinking my “boat”.

99% of the common advice out there for ending andropause had to do with either taking drugs or “routines” to boost T production.

But if you’re anything like me… you’re very attached (literally) to your testicles and the health of your “equipment” don’t want to risk permanently destroying your body’s natural production of T…

Also, all of these “routines” to bolster your T levels are designed to push the “sails of your boat” further along, either trying to get your body to make more testosterone…or getting your body to “free up (unbind testosterone from specialized proteins like SHBG)” so it can help you reclaim the primal swagger of a stealthy sex-panther on steroids.

What they completely neglect are ways to neutralize the Virility Vampires that are destroying your own body’s natural ability to ignite the T factory in your flesh package.

Click here to get started to fight back the Virility Vampires now

Do You Know Virility Vampires Lurk In Your Food, Clothing and Even The Air?


This is a xenoestrogen that’s found in many heat-treated foods like French-fries, potato chips and most processed wheat products. Nearly all packaged wheat and potato products contain this harmful estrogen-mimicking compound that kills your sex drive and sends your body into a tailspin of testosterone deprivation.

The Excitotoxins 

This is a class of chemical food additives that have spiked up in the last 30 years in consumption despite known health risks and hormone-mimicking effects. The two most common (and well­known) excitotoxins are monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame (Nutrasweet and other artificial sweeteners). Fortunately, 3 of my special juice cocktails have been designed specifically to both flush these xenoestrogens from your system and breathe marvelous life into the testosterone-producing power of your own natural flesh factory.

Parabens and Phthalates 

These estrogen-­mimicking compounds are most commonly absorbed through the skin and are found in many household cleaners and body-washes. The most commonly used product containing parabens is toothpaste! Chances are that the toothpaste that you are using is full of parabens. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to these chemicals but I happen to have found a superfood that is delicious, and readily available that will knock the effects of these “womanly hormone mimickers” flat on their ass.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) 

This nasty virility vampire is sucking the life­blood out of the testosterone-producing powerhouse packed in your pants… it’s commonly found in a host of plastics (including canned food lining) and plastic food and beverage containers. Luckily, I have just what the doctor ordered to neutralize this “Man Damaging” chemical.


These compounds are found in all unfermented soy­-based products. Soy is such a common food ingredient that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid so you need the nutrients packed in my 17 Manhancing Juice Recipes to annihilate the effects of these feminizers.

DDT and other Organochlorides 

These are a family of chemical pesticides that have been in heavy use since World War II in nearly every industrialized country in the world. Their use is widely banned in the US, Canada and Europe but is still common in Asia and the Middle East. What’s worse… new studies are showing that these chemicals accumulate quickly and break down slowly plus their fat and protein solubility means that they attach themselves inside of our food supply and don’t deteriorate leaving us with a hefty level of exposure even though it’s been a decade since they’ve been in widespread use. Luckily, a juice recipe on page 12 of my guide will give you the nutraceutical power to kill the effects of these compounds.

Dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) 

These are more chemicals that result from high-temperature industrial processes and herbicides. They are known as Persistent Environmental Pollutants because once they accumulate in critical levels…exposure to hormone shriveling levels of these xenoestrogens becomes INEVITABLE. Only specialized intervention specifically tailored to flush these toxins from your body and counter their effects will help you claim the natural T levels you deserve. Of course, yours truly has discovered a powerful combination of phytonutrients that block the ability for this nasty family of Virility Vampires from draining the life-blood from your true testosterone potential.

Common Advice To Avoid These “Virility Vampires” Is Doomed To Fail

After I pored over the research and painstakingly compiled this list of Virility Vampires that are literally feasting on the dynamic life-blood that feeds your natural T production… I tried to develop a plan to eliminate them from my life.

I compiled a list long enough to rival the library of congress of all the different sources of each of these compounds hell-bent on preventing them from entering my body ever again.

But the more I discovered, the longer my list became. What’s more…I started to discover that I was “robbing from Peter to pay Paul” in my quest to eliminate T destroying toxins from my life.

Each way I tried to eliminate the Virility Vampires exposed me to another source of them.

If I were to try to eliminate Acrylamides I would be exposing myself to Dioxins.

Eliminating sources of Organochlorides made it very difficult to avoid excessive exposure to BPA.

It seemed that no matter what I did, no matter what lifestyle change I tried to initiate… I would be exposing myself to these nasty chemicals and putting a serious damper on my T production.

So…I decided to pound the pavement once again…to roll up my sleeves and get to work seeing if there were any ways that I could protect myself from the effects of these chemicals and free myself from the negative feedback loop interfering with my manly hormone health.

I spent hours of my time and thousands of dollars of my own money hiring food chemists, Registered Dieticians, and naturopaths to find ways to block the effects of the dreaded Virility Vampires.

I spared no expense and nearly drove myself to the poor house seeking the Holy Grail of Hormone Health.

What I finally discovered were a group of superfood compounds that ANY man can start to incorporate into his diet that will neutralize the xenoestrogens and toxins that are damaging your mojo…

But there was just one MAJOR problem…

In almost every case, they required the consumption of raw foods.

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat salad every day of my life because
we aren’t sheeps, cows…
or another stupid mammal-eating grass to feed itself.

As sophisticated men, we need. no we demand to eat raw foods in a modern and cool way. Also, making raw foods taste good is a real chore…

You have to peel, chop, and season the food and combine it in ways that are very time-consuming to be tasty.

But there was one way of preparing raw food that made it delicious, fast, easy, fun and exciting

You Can Defeat Virility Vampires With My
Proven Juice Recipes

The solution came to me by pure luck. I never go to Black Friday sales but that year, for no special reason, I decided to go to the shopping mall.

I have stumbled into a juice blender bargain and I succumbed to the temptation…

Back home, I started combining the ingredients required to reinvigorate my flesh factory and turn up the dial on my natural T production in my new juicer.

I still remember the moment when I tried my first juice. I was really excited but the most striking aspect of the experience is that

Almost Instantly I Felt An Invigorating Buzz Swarm Every Cell In My Body

The feeling was cool and energizing but, to me, it was a sure sign that I was on the right path and something extraordinary was about to happen…

Each morning I would awake, and spend one hour before work testing juice recipes to find which ones met my ridiculously high standards for Virility Vampire neutralization and delicious taste all at the same time…

In Just 1 Week I was Awaking With A Rock Hard Boner Every Morning

Within two weeks, I started noticing changes in my body…

I had to shave more often and I was less sore from my sessions at the gym.

Within three weeks…the floodgates were officially opened!

The stealthy swagger with which I strolled through life was palpable and an avalanche of positive changes started to happen to me.

I felt extremely vivacious like I didn’t remember to feel for a very long time.

Vivacious to the point that I started doing Crossfit 5 times per week. Crossfit is considered to be among the most intensive workouts by many. Most of my fat burned away. I have lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months

and concerning my libido….

The masculine power that oozed out of every pore of my body could be smelled a mile away.

Despite being 40, I have now more energy than when I was 25. I go out all night in clubs and I am able to keep up and even beating much younger dudes in the mating game.

Wow, I started to feel like having a loaded nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in my pants ready to explode all the time!

My sex life went from almost non-existent to frequently hang out and have sex, for several hours if I want to, with women at least 10 years younger than me to almost half my age!

This is no surprise to me now…as I have read several published studies[2] that demonstrate that women can smell androgen by-products in a man’s sweat and that they are drawn to men with higher concentrations of testosterone.

I can say, without a doubt and you certainly agree with me, that I cured myself of the limp libido syndrome spectacularly in a very short period of time!

but my story does not stop here…

I started to get more done on the job in less time, I even took over a few projects from younger engineers who weren’t able to keep up with me.

Everything Begin To Click On All Cylinders

Ever heard the expression “having big balls” ? Well, it is founded on some truth as you may have suspected for a very long time.

If you have been struggling in your life professionally or romantically, it is not your fault.

You see, testosterone is altering your behavior.

You Too Can Have Steel Balls From Now On

With a high level of testosterone, you are willing to take more risks, take bolder actions and feel courage pumping through your veins allowing you to beat any challenge successfully.

My boss noticed and wanted to give me a promotion but I decided to do something else

Something riskier, sexier, and way more adventurous than I would have dared to endeavor when I was locked in my low-T slump…

I decided to strike out on my own and forge my own empire teaching men to hack their hormones and reinvigorate their lives, their sex drives and their magnetic mojo using the power of Manhancing Juicing, the best natural testosterone booster!

I knew that lots of men out there were just as frustrated as I was with low-T and the lies being perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry.

I knew that many men were tired of eating more healthy fats, working their asses off with the latest high-intensity exercise routines, and doing everything in their power to improve their sleeping habits and get rid of the limp libido syndrome only to be disappointed after weeks with the same sluggishness, mental fog, and general lack of drive.

I made sure to give out a taste of my recipes to my friends just to make sure that what I had experienced wasn’t a fluke and that these recipes really did kill the Virility Vampires for ANY man…

The Results They Got Shocked Even Me

I couldn’t believe it.

Guys were RAVING about how awesome they felt, and how every delicious recipe tasted amazing and was fun, exciting, easy and fast to prepare and very affordable.

I guess I always knew these recipes were everything a man needs to get his man factory pumping out more T than a juvenile gorilla.

Now I really knew I had THE ANSWER for ANY man looking to neutralize the nasty Virility Vampires that are sabotaging his best efforts to build muscle, burn fat, have a raging sex life and feel more youthful and energetic than he did as a teenager.

These recipes are the perfect natural testosterone booster to complement ANY other drug-free Testosterone Treatment

Your masculine hormonal health is like a wheel, the more spokes you have…the stronger the wheel.

These delicious recipes go to work deep inside your body’s cells to annihilate the effects of toxins and xenoestrogens behind the limp libido syndrome that are destroying your ability to maintain your optimal health as a man.

So even if you’re already following a regimen to improve your hormonal health as a man…you can always do better.

Yes You Can Stop The Testosterone Drain Naturally

You can always do better, and it’s my strong belief that if you are the man I think you are…

You’ll recognize that it’s your masculine duty to always do and be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.

All you need to do to reap these benefits is simply drink just one large juice cocktail every day (preferably in the morning) and you’ll be drip feeding your body the nutrients and phytonutrients it needs to counteract the effects of the sneaky Virility Vampires behind the limp libido syndrome that have become an unavoidable part of modern living.

These Recipes Are Designed For Men ONLY !

These are not your standard namby-pamby juice recipes designed for yoga moms…

They aren’t pink and fruity and they should never, ever, under any circumstances be consumed out of a glass with a “cute little umbrella.”

These recipes are designed with MEN in mind.

Men who desire iron-hard, lean bodies…

Men who want full, throbbing erections…

Men who want a razor sharp brain that bursts with energy and insight

Using ingredients specifically chosen to neutralize the Virility Vampires behind the limp libido syndrome that are sucking the life juice out of your ball sack and causing you to become less and less manly every single day.

Every Minute Some Toxin Is Going Baller Berserk

You need to shield yourself from the ravages of the xenoestrogens and toxins building up in your environment that are robbing you of your full masculine potential and making you feel old, sluggish, and slow before your time.

This the ONLY WAY to make sure that you really get your testosterone boat sailing ahead at full­mast (and get other parts of your body at full mast as well ;­))

And because I knew there were a TON of guys out there that needed these delicious, mantastic recipes… I decided to compile 17 of my best Manhancing recipes and release them to men everywhere on a very limited basis.


17 Blended Beverages that can Increase Your Testosterone Levels and return you to the man you were born to be!

I want to warn you in advance, this isn’t some politically correct “good housekeeping” cookbook. You will be exposed to suggestive images, images that I included in this book for the specific purpose of helping to promote your testosterone production.

In this step-by-step guide you will:
  • The simple trick to short circuit the hormonal chaos that’s ravaging your masculine drive in as little as 24 hours!
  • How to slow the aging process to a crawl with a little-known nutrient that switches ON a gene that an especially potent Virility vampire is shutting down in over 2/3s of all men over 35
  • The Genghis Khan secret buried in this nifty little herb blasts your T levels through the roof and actually reverses early signs of heart disease (say goodbye to high cholesterol meds and shock your doc at your next physical)
  • Feel confused about antioxidants? Discover exactly which ones are most guaranteed to fire up your flesh factory and get you pumping out more T than a wild bull in mating season (believe it or not… antioxidants are one of the biggest keys in boosting your drive, building more muscle, and giving your manhood a platinum upgrade)
  • Alexander the Great brought back this nifty little root from India and European men were never the same… unfortunately the age-defying, manhood amplifying potency got lost in the late middle ages…until now!
  • Knock back this man-boosting cocktail and drip a steady stream of T blasting, mood boosting, drive reviving dopamine into your bloodstream (WARNING: you might start to have difficulty staying still or sleeping the first few days so be prepared.)
  • Be exposed to suggestive images promoting testosterone production

Concerning the suggestive images, these aren’t your Grandmother’s recipes. This book is not for families or people who are easily offended I wrote this book for every red-blooded American man who had his vitality stolen from him and who wants it back!

This book is only for mature audiences who can handle it. If you can’t handle suggestive images then go ahead and forget about this book, it probably isn’t for you.

Also, you’ll find 17 recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and increase your T levels all at the same time.

Recipes like:

The Peruvian Marching Mix

An amazing tasting treat with rich flavors that will surprise your taste buds with savory flavor and make you happy to be a man.

The Beet Ginger Man Blast

This colorful refreshing juice will start your day off right and give you a host of much-needed nutrients to flush out and neutralize the Virility Vampires to cure the limp libido syndrome so you’ll soon be feeling like a man possessed.

Pomegranate Potion

This liquid elixir will knock the nasty, masculinity stealing toxins flat on their asses and elicit hosannas from your taste buds all at the same time. You’re going to LOVE this one.

Guaranteed To Work Without Annoying …

  • Needles, Gels, Or Patches…
  • a specialised juicing blender
  • to buy expensive herbs coming from exotic locations
  • a lot of time and culinary expertise

You just need a blender (I’ll tell you all about my favorite one inside the book), a couple of cheap and common ingredients found in all groceries and these phenomenal recipes to blast your T levels back to Puberty Levels within just a few days time.

See, your doctor and the pharmaceutical industry want you to believe that low T “just happens” and that there is nothing you can do about.

They do NOT want you to discover the 7 common Virility Vampires and these delicious, done-for-you Manhancing recipes because then they would have a much tougher time selling men on their expensive and potentially dangerous solutions for the limp libido syndrome

Solutions that can PERMANENTLY shut down your body’s own natural hormone production factory and make you dependent on their drugs forever.

Want To Say ‘Eff You’ To Drug Pushing Docs While You Gain Balls Of Steel

You’re a man.

You’re in control of your own destiny.

You don’t just deserve a healthy body with optimal muscle mass, razor-sharp focus, and the ambition of a world conqueror…

These things are your BIRTHRIGHT!

They’ve been stolen by a modern culture that poisons you with toxins…

Numbs your brain with mindless, cheap entertainment…

And surrounds you with ridiculous ideas that tell men they should quell their natural desires so they don’t “offend people” or upset the status quo.

That’s not what I’m about!

I’m about giving MEN the knowledge and simple blueprints to make themselves and their lives PHENOMENAL!

So here’s how your transformation will take place:

Part 1:
Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 Delicious Juicing Recipes To Increase Your Testosterone Levels
$59 Value

  • A series of 17 Done-For-You Recipes to annihilate the effects of the 7 sneaky Virility Vampires that are sabotaging your best efforts at naturally raising your T to optimal levels
  • Quick tips on how to cycle the recipes for rapid, maximum results
  • A complete breakdown of how and why each recipe works to naturally ignite the coals in your T Factory so that you get maximum results in minimum time

Part 2 :
No B.S. Supplement Guide
$19 Value

  • Little-known and naturally occurring nutrients you can add to the Virility Vampires vanquishing blended beverages that will 3X your results (NOTE: this isn’t the same recycled stuff about zinc, saw palmetto, or omega-3 fats these are real trace compounds that really work)
  • Finally…which supplements actually work to get you pumping out streams of fat-burning, muscle-building, mind-enhancing, mood-boosting testosterone and which are a complete waste of time and $$$
  • Did you know that many of the very expensive supplements with so-called “clinical trials” only really boost your total testosterone and don’t do anything to mobilize your free testosterone? (HINT: free test is what really makes the difference)

Part 3:
Dominant Dreams: Sleep Hacks for Spectacular Sex, Success, and Satisfaction
$19 Value

  • The exact way to structure the last 2 hours of every day so that you automatically make every hour you sleep at least 2 times more effective.
  • How a simple change to the time you go to bed and the time you wake up can automatically drive up your mental creativity while you’re awake so you never feel blocked, sluggish, or unproductive
  • Why just giving up this one bad habit before bed can set your brain up to spend more time in the slow brainwave cycles that are responsible for you feeling fully rested and recuperated each and every morning.
  • Feeling stressed? Feeling depressed? Standard sleep advice is actually killing your ability to get a good night’s rest. Now you can automatically start to turn on the feel-good system in your brain that jacks up your sex drive and naturally eliminates depression and irritability.

Guaranteed To Pump You Up Naturally No Matter How Low You Feel Now

man happy jumping for joy after having reclaim his manhood with juicing

I know that these recipes can help ANY man achieve the T levels of his youth and permanently reverse the signs and symptoms of premature andropause

But I also know that realistically I can’t help everyone live a better life.

So I think it’s important to tell you who this offer isn’t for.

This offer is DEFINITELY not for you if you want to stay average

Mediocre men need not apply.

This is only for ambitious men who want to naturally draw the sultriest women to them like iron filings to a lodestone…

It’s for men who want to wake up with the full, rock hard throbbing erections that they used to have as teenagers…

It’s for men who want to bathe in a dominant glow that naturally charges everyone around them with admiration, envy and respect.

It’s for men who want to recover faster from their workouts and sculpt the body of their dreams AT ANY AGE

Bottom line…these recipes are only for you if you flat out refuse to accept the status quo and have the courage and discipline to consume the recipes I outline for you every, single morning.

No excuses.

No exceptions.

No “days off.”

(Don’t worry, they’re actually really fast, easy, fun and exciting to make and taste absolutely delicious.)

So if you can tantalize your taste buds and show some discipline I know these recipes can do their job and go about vanquishing the Virility Vampires that are sucking the lifeblood out of your body’s natural ability to maintain optimal T levels.

And, if my success is not enough to convince you that Juicing For Your Manhood really works, don’t listen to me.

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