Layer One – The Warrior – Neuromuscular Strenght

This section of the KING manual is all about “Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself” physically.

In the pages of Warrior section you will see how I’ve approached training over the length of my strength training career to deadlift over 700b and run a 4.3 second 40 yard dash, as well as my new approach to training to look and feel your best without running yourself into the ground.

In this section, I’ve also gone ahead and recruited the help of one of the best Strength coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing: Chris Barnard.

Chris is a great example of a technically proficient and enthusiastic strength coach with a seemingly endless array of innovative ideas of what it takes to “Become The Strongest Version of Yourself”

What I’ve seen him do with the athletes that have walked through the doors of the Strength Camp gym has been nothing short of incredible.

I know this because he was one of my early students, and head coach at Strength Camp.

Layer Two – The Magician – Physiological Strenght

Your Inner Magician has primal knowledge about your biological rhythms and physiological processes.

When we tap into the wisdom of our bodies and align our diet and lifestyles with nature, we bring healing and proficiency to all of our bodily systems.

Layer Three – The Lover – Energetic Strenght

Whether you are wanting to attract wealth, success or sex – the state of your energy, and emotions are going to have a grand impact on the results.

Unfortunately, most men today are severely cut off from our feelings, emotions and intuition – robbing us of sensual pleasure and the wisdom of the body.

Sexual repression, injury to heart-felt feelings, fear of rejection, lack of meaningful intimacy or compassion has left men cut off from our hearts and our balls.

Since life’s experience through relationships a balanced inner Lover will attract the perfect partners, friends and lovers into your life.

Layer Four – King – Creative Strenght

According to Robert Moore PhD, “The two main functions of your inner king are to provide order, and foster creativity”.

The King decides what’s important and designs his kingdom around it.

The King also “sacrifices” himself in order to support others on their journeys. He gives to others knowing that we are all One.

The King ties together our mission, “To become the strongest version of ourselves, and empower others.”

When your inner king reigns supreme, your life will feel complete

The download contents 4 Videos and 1 Pdf

[Inception #1] The Four Corners Of Kingship.mp4 – Layer Four – King

[Inception #2] Warrior’s Body and Sword.mp4 – Layer One – Warrior

[Inception #3] Magician Mind Programming.mp4 – Layer Two – Magician

[Inception #4] Lovers Breath and Sense.mp4 – Layer Three – Lover

Elliott Hulse – KING.pdf


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