Is It Really Possible…

Is there really such a thing as the “no-touch orgasm”… or is this all just a far-fetched notion suited better to the works of fiction and fairytale?

After studying the subject of sex for more than 15 years and experimenting with the various ways of turning women on, giving them pleasure, bringing them to orgasm, etc., I’ve discovered that a better question to ask would be…

“Which method is the best for getting women to experience a “no-touch orgasm?”

Yes, that means, not only is the concept of “no- touch orgasm” real, there are in fact several ways to bring it about, especially if the recipient is female.

Traditionally, the “no-touch orgasm” was brought about by the use of clinical hypnosis; and as such, it could only be performed/achieved by licensed and trained professionals who had studied and practiced hypnosis for many years. (We’re talking about being able to give women a full-on, toe- curling, body spasming orgasm.) These trained professionals were the only ones that wielded this kind of power.

Fortunately, with the advancement of mental, physical and sexual studies, we now have other (easier and more convenient) methods available to the rest of us… and it doesn’t even require medical degrees or years of clinical training.

In this report, I’m going to discuss the methods that I and my students have had the best results with, so as to increase your chances of experiencing similar – or better – results, without having to become an expert in hypnosis or NLP (neuro-linguistic programming.)

Note: While we won’t actually be hypnotizing a woman, we will at times use a form of ‘waking trance’ to allow her mind to follow along and participate quite nicely.

We’ll also be using such things as language patterns, embedded commands, mental imagery, and a few other techniques that are borrowed from the hypnotic/NLP world, to make this ‘no- touch orgasm’ process very effective (and to help us get the results we’re after.)

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