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Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System

She’s Yours For The Taking

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Michael Pilinski is the author of two highly acclaimed books in the dating market, ‘Without Embarrassment’ and his follow-up masterpiece ‘She’s Yours For The Taking’.

The focus of Without Embarrassment centers around helping guys overcome their oversized fear of being rejected by women. We’re talking about the sort of paralyzing fear that can completely shut down and stifle any chance of having a normal social life and romantic relations. This fear of rejection was the problem that Mike personally suffered from while growing up — which ultimately left him barren of any social life whatsoever by the age of 25. During those dark days he somehow found a way to turn things around… literally just boot-strapping himself up out of the social gutter.

Step-by-step he made small but vital breakthroughs… asking a girl out, going on a date, trying for a kiss. Fighting his way through the self-hatred and endless recriminations that followed every rejection, Mike finally made it beyond the prison of toxically-shamed affection needs to ultimately overcome an incredible case of rejection phobia.

Repeatedly failing at the dating game can cause a man to develop bad social habits or odd public behaviors which make him unappealing and unattractive to women. This keeps him locked in a deadly, never-ending cycle of failure, rejection and withdrawal that can last for a lifetime if not challenged and interrupted. Mike understands this and his books lay out a plan for turning a guy’s luck around women immediately.

He shares the insights, solutions and work-arounds that he managed to develop on his own to eliminate the types of typical problems that shy and introverted men everywhere have had to deal with in desperate silence for so long.

Mr. Pilinski’s careful comprehension and treatment of these deeply unsettling issues are what makes his work stand out among the sea of boring, repetitious, copy-cat advice in the dating field. You’ll also enjoy Mike’s humorous and irreverent writing style. You’ll laugh, cry, pound the wall… but most of all thrill to a journey of self-discovery that you will never soon forget.

Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System – Michael Pilinski

If you’re a guy who’s had difficulty trying to pick up women, hold their interest or even just socialize with them normally, then Without Embarrassment is the book for you. Author Michael Pilinski shows you how to analyze, understand and ultimately overcome the vice-grip of anxieties and socially awkward behaviors that might be currently screwing you up when attempting to pick up girls.

You’ll discover that the best way to pick up girls is not by using a lot of shallow verbal trickery or showing off some fake “cocky-and-funny” badass attitude, but by designing a personal aura of genuine desirability that will automatically attract sexy dating opportunities to you like bees to honey. Best of all, Mike delivers more than just a lot of do-this-do-that rote instruction, he gives you a complete in-depth understanding of the deepest motivations and thinking errors that are driving you off-course socially. You’ll learn how the basis of your love shyness could be due to misguided feelings of shame that have become linked to your natural and very human need for affection.

Fear of rejection when it comes to approaching women can be a socially paralyzing problem that haunts a surprising number of men – even guys who are otherwise fairly outgoing. If this sort of mental block gives you trouble when trying to meet women, then you’ll be excited learn how to identify, isolate and defeat this deadly “toxic shame”-based issue once and for all. You’ll understand how to be a pickup artist by breaking the destructive cycle of inhibition, self-castigation, over-thinking and other self-defeating behaviors that are holding you back.

Mike Pilinski’s extraordinary fearless seduction system will also demonstrate how to develop an intriguing personality that an amazing number of women will find absolutely magnetic. You’ll learn clever romantic tactics that will show you how to get girls by improving your odds of successfully making solid emotional connections with them at every step along the path of courtship and seduction… from the moment that a chick first catches your eye, to the thrill of ultimately winning her heart and bedding her.

Much of Mr. Pilinski’s book is based on his own personal experiences dealing with these exact same anxieties and social fears. His low pressure methods of quietly attracting attention to yourself by designing an aura of personal male power makes it extremely safe for even the most reserved guy to operate with total and complete confidence around women.

Never again stand by helplessly while your mind blanks-out at the worst possible moment when an opportunity to cold approach a cute chick appears. You’ll learn how to read a girls’ eyes when you ask her a particular type of question, and then use this “secret knowledge” to connect with her in a way that makes it seem like the two of you have a natural chemistry with each other. These highly-developed techniques represent some of the most precise dating advice for men ever published by any dating coach.

Bottom line: Without Embarrassment will show you how to get a girl for yourself by creating the perfect high status male vibe. You will witness a near magical improvement in your ability to pick up women once your ‘male mojo’ appears to go up a few notches, and the self-transformation will leave you amazed.

She’s Yours For The Taking: A Man’s Guide to the Seduction and Sexual Enchantment of Women Paperback – Michael Pilinski


She’s Yours For The Taking: A Man’s Guide to the Seduction and Sexual Enchantment of Women goes beyond the juvenile notion of just “picking up women”.

It’s a complete Dating and Mating Handbook that a man can refer to at every step along the way to seduction: from how to first engage a woman in a manner that makes an intriguing impression on her… to guiding her straight into his arms by feeding her the proper romantic signals that she craves at every step along the way. And it’s all done with paint-by-numbers ease!

To begin, SYFT presents a very low-pressure cold-meeting move called Pull Tabbing. This easy-going, casual socializing technique will equip you with a solid plan of social action that can be stored away in your head all ready to spring into action. It’s especially effective for making hay with those sudden “gotcha” chances to meet women that happen when you least expect them… at the mall, in school or even out on the street.

Pull Tabbing shows you how to flirt in an appropriate and friendly manner that can capture a woman’s immediate interest — and without having to hang your Ego out to dry in the process! Pulling a phone number will seem like a natural extension of the flirt, rather than an awkward intrusion into her life.

Then you’ll learn about the Three Date Master Seduction: Action, Connection and Romantic-style get togethers that appeal to her deepest romantic instincts like a lock-and-key. Understanding this correct approach to her heart can quickly forge that elusive bond of “chemistry” that is often lacking on first dates that fizzle.

She’s Yours then completes the journey in the bedroom with a galaxy of erotic moves that are designed to send her straight into orgasmic orbit… while turning YOU into her favorite new addiction! No matter what your current level of social or romantic skill, SYFT will show you how to take it to the next level and turn any girl that you’ve got your eye on into the girl of your dreams.

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