The M Word, A Meditation Framework For The Modern World That is Fresh, Resourceful And Gives Remarkable Results

The M Word is designed to supercharge your performance both personally and professionally.

Sort of like a powerful, but invisible scaffolding that supports you as you climb higher and higher in your quest to expand your potential and contribute back to the world.

And you can get this framework installed in you in the span of 33 days

Program Information

How We Structured The M Word So You Get Fast, Lasting Results

The M Word contains tools that build on top of each other in a way that complements each of the techniques you’ll learn.

Part 1: Up Leveling Your Meditation Practice

(Part 1 is 17 Days)

In this period of The M Word quest, you’ll be taken step-by-step through a series of The M Word techniques that install a morning practice you will learn to do on your own.

Highlights include:

  • Discover a simple technique to monitor and manage your relationship with stress so you can wake up everyday feeling like you’re in a paradise-like beach in the Caribbean.

  • Work with the Balancing Breath meditation, one of the most popular meditation adapted for the modern world, it helps you balance out the performance of your brain’s right and left hemisphere to give you the clarity, vision and drive you need for extraordinary living.

  • Learn a simple practice that gives you instant access to the present moment no matter how demanding, stressful or overwhelming a life situation you find yourself in.

  • Master the lazy person’s meditation, the one thing you can do to ease into a state of pinpoint awareness when you’re not feeling like doing it.

  • Discover the Effortless Silence technique to gracefully and instantly douse your flickering mind (this is especially effective if you have ADD/ADHD).

  • Learn how to trigger the “Beginner’s Mind” mode in your brain to put yourself in the most receptive state before taking on a new project or meeting new people.

  • Learn how to stretch your brain’s limit for remaining in meditative silence and surprise yourself by the amazing spiritual clarity it gives and the synchronicities that then start to show up.

  • Discover how to nudge your brain into higher and higher states of abundance that most self-made multi-millionaires naturally find themselves in.

  • Experiment with the Love Bomb technique, a simple 2-minute practice to stack the odds in your favor and feel super confident in situations like public speaking, business negotiations and even dating.

  • Learn how to inject the perfect dose of stillness into your busy day and surprise your friends, colleagues and family with a zen-like quality in your every interaction with them. (They will really really really notice this.)

Part 2: Up Leveling Your Life

(Part 2 is 16 Days)

This is where you get off the meditation cushion and into the real world. You’ll learn how to use meditation as a tool for day-to-day challenges, whether it’s work situations, communicating with loved ones, or getting a great night of sleep.

Highlights include:

  • Discover how to use your meditative “magic wand” to overcome real-life problems and maintain an unprecedented winning streak in your professional and personal life.

  • Learn the breath work and power pose practices for putting yourself in the peak performance state that allow top hedge fund managers, billionaire CEOs and high performing artists to outdo themselves over and over again.

  • Get guided through beautiful visualizations that crystallize your future by allowing you to see it in your mind’s eye with Ultra-HD clarity.

  • Understand your mind’s fight or flight triggers and learn how to use it’s loopholes to bypass stress (When you don’t have even a trace of stress, you’ll develop the kind of resourcefulness you see Heros demonstrate in action movies.)

  • Practice the Body-Feeling technique to identify the source of stress in your body thereby developing a knack for detecting illnesses and health issues before they actually materialize.

  • Master the only formula you need for mindful consumption that installs in you a powerful filter for knowing what to consume when it comes to food, movies or books. (You will never again fall for things just because everyone else wants it.)

  • Learn how to enhance your personal relationships. You can use this to attract the perfect partner or even for improving your professional relationships.

  • Discover a little-known practice to enter deep nourishing sleep the moment you hit the bed and wake up every day feeling like a million bucks.

  • Master the art of true but effortless forgiveness – a key step in becoming unshakeable in life and work.

  • Implement a system for emotional detox that automatically flushes out the toxic feeling that may linger on in your mind from time to time. This is a fail-safe mechanism to put you in a state of excitement and crush any heaviness that may be slowing you down in life.

  • And so much more…

Bonuses: Prerecorded Calls & Guided Meditation

  • Prerecorded Q&A Sessions With Emily

The prerecorded Q&A Sessions With Emily are included for you! You can find your answers to your personal challenges and questions that arise during the practice.

  • Four Guided Meditations With Emily

Along with the program you will get 4 Guided Meditations for Travel, Kids & Breakups absolutely FREE. These meditations will be included in the warm up content of the quest and will be available to you as soon as you buy the program.


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