*Caution* This Audiobook contains powerful psychological techniques to influence anyone at will…

Persuasion is a technique that you use on a daily basis, but how persuasive are you? Are you getting what you are seeking when attempting to persuade others? If not, it is time to start working on your ability to persuade. It is often thought that persuasion, and the techniques that fall under it, are only used for selfish reasons, but this is not true. In fact, being good at persuasion is needed to get ahead at work, form friendships and even when interacting with strangers.

Persuasion is a skill and one that you can develop with the right tips and information. This book is the first step in taking the necessary action to improve your persuasion skills. It starts with the basics of persuasion and allows you to assess how effective you currently are. From there, you will get several actionable tips to enhance your ability to persuade others.

The second chapter explores manipulation. You will see how it is used in the real world and learn about techniques and how to use these to your advantage. Hypnosis is next. This is a very interesting skill to have because it is not a common one. It is something that can aid you in getting more of what you want from people and your life.

This book introduces you to neuro-linguistic programming. This is a skill you want to know to acquire more advanced persuasion skills. This is followed by learning about deception and what you can do to improve your skills and utilize this persuasion technique to your advantage.

Mind games and mind control are the next skills you will learn about. You will be surprised about how these are used in everyday life. In fact, you likely fall victim to them quite regularly in ways you are not even aware of. When you know the basics and how to utilize these to enhance your persuasion abilities, not only can you benefit from them, but you will also have greater control over their impact on you.

Seduction is discussed in this book. This is a persuasion technique you definitely want to master since it plays a role in more than just your romantic relationships. You can use this for a number of things, such as getting a promotion at work.

The last chapter looks at subliminal psychology. This is a very interesting topic that you likely have not heard about. You will explore a number of examples of how you already see it in action in the world today. From here, you will learn how to increase your skills and start to use this type of psychology to your advantage.

By improving your persuasion skills, you are able to enhance every area of your life. Just know that improving your skills takes time, so starting your journey now means that you will be able to better persuade others sooner. Make sure to keep this book close at all times so you always have a solid reference on the art of expert persuasion.

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