A bunch of the WODs from ROMWOD

We believe in using mobility exercises in conjunction with workouts to increase strength, flexibility and recovery. However, a lot of our members are too busy to get to mobility class at the gym or Yoga class at the Clarity Centre.

ROMWOD is fairly inexpensive and will hopefully be beneficial to members who want to be more consistent with their mobility work, or want to follow a mobility program from home. Coach Adam Boissiere has tested this program himself and seen benefits in his mobility over the course of a few months – so we became an affiliate!


ROMWOD is centered in Redlands, CA and is powered by an amazing team. It started as a conversation between brothers about combining their seemingly opposite training styles into a system to help athletes achieve optimal range of motion to increase their training output. It has grown to include family, friends, and training partners who are sold out on the benefits of ROMWOD in their own lives and are dedicated to sharing it with the world.


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