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Introducing the Back To Stability Program

The Back To Stability program is the summation of my work including all of the elements needed for correcting movement imbalances associated to back pain. In fact, it’s simply the most COMPREHENSIVE program available. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s chat briefly about my approach, which is vastly different from everything out there.

FACT: Chasing After Pain Will Virtually Guarantee Failure

No doubt you’ve heard of the term “muscle imbalances” before, and have an idea that postural and movement imbalances can contribute to back pain, but the approach that most systems take toward correcting these imbalances frankly miss the mark.

Yep. They miss the mark because focusing constantly on addressing the area where the pain is located misses the bigger picture, which is that your body works as a WHOLE, not a bunch of single, isolated muscles and joints.

I think one of the more important things to note with regard to back pain, is that over 90% is called “non-specific”, which means there is no known specific cause.

This pretty much describes most of the back pain sufferers out there. One day you likely woke up and your back was aching, and it progressively just got worse, and you likely couldn’t pinpoint any specific trauma or injury that caused it.

Considering the above, it’s important to keep in mind your body moves as ONE BIG UNIT, with all your muscles, joints, connective tissues, and fascia coordinating into a wonderful dance. When this coordinated movement is altered for whatever reason, compensation occurs via your nervous system to maintain the function of your body and of course provide stability and support to all these moving parts.

The word “Stability” needs to be an important part of the back pain vocabulary. Spinal stability refers to the overall ability of your muscles and joints to do their job in protecting you from injury during movement. When you bend, lift, exercise, bike, run, or anything else, you depend on your stability to remain pain and problem free.

So, yes…

Back Pain is Associated With A Lack Of Core Stability

When compensations occur because of muscle imbalances and loss of stability, some muscle groups, joints, and tissues work extra hard to pick up the slack for underperforming muscles. This leads to fatigue, trigger points, further movement dysfunction, and PAIN.

Now, the pain may NOT exist (and usually doesn’t) where the original muscle imbalance occurred. The area where the pain felt is often the result of the inability to compensate further, and the involved area has had enough!

If You Keep Focusing On The Area Where The Pain Is, You Are Missing The Boat!

This is why your frequent chiropractic adjustments, massage sessions, etc. don’t ultimately give you long term results. Focusing energy on “therapeutizing” the painful area is just ignoring the root causes of the problem.

What if the root cause of your back pain was an imbalanced pelvic position because your hips are tight?

Good example. If the muscles on the front of your hips are tight, your pelvis will be pulled down and forward. This increases the curve in your lower back and the pressure on your spinal joints. Ultimately this can result in pain in your lower back. The correction for this would involve addressing the tension in the front of the hips, NOT the lower back tension, which would be the END RESULT of the imbalance, not the cause.

These imbalances can really twist you around if you don’t know what you are looking for, which is why I have covered them in my Back To Stability Program.

The Back To Stability Program Includes Everything You Need

Let’s face it, we live in a world that makes it very easy to have health issues. Fast food, constant stimulation from electronic devices, negative news stories, terrorism, lifestyle and relationship problems, and financial stress.

All this stress takes a toll on your body in the form of constantly elevated stress hormones and muscle tension. This increased muscle tension WILL exacerbate the already present movement imbalances.

For this reason, I cover stress reduction techniques in the Back To Stability Program. Building health and restoring function and movement stability is at the heart of my system. My system does NOT focus on “treating back pain”, but rather reducing stress in the right areas and allowing your body to heal itself.

This is a COMPLETELY opposite approach from what you have tried.

Here is just a short list of the key aspects contained in the program:

  • An integrated approach to building a foundation of spinal stability through muscle imbalance correction – so you can make your spine pain-resistant

  • A detailed system anyone can follow to assess their own muscle imbalances at home – with no special equipment to buy

  • Stronger, healthier body with a strong core and efficient movement, so you can free up energy for other activities in your life

  • Flexibility – do the program in the comfort of your own home – no appointments required

  • Precise instructions and step-by-step videos showing corrective stretches, exercises, and self-mobilizations that are tailored to your unique needs

  • Nutrition and anti-inflammatory recommendations to speed the healing process

  • Lifestyle and stress reduction strategies to incorporate into your daily regiment – so you can reduce the chances of “flare ups” and irritation to your back

  • The 6 “Don’ts” of lifting and bending…by avoiding these 6 things you will have reduced chances of painful episodes

  • Learn the most common muscles that are tight and weak amongst back pain sufferers – so you can address them with appropriate corrections

  • The correct way to train your “core” muscles to get back pain relief – without making you hurt more due to improper technique

  • Why muscle imbalances are not just associated to your back, but involve everything in your body – and how you can positively impact multiple aches and pains “indirectly” without even focusing on them

There Is Absolutely NOTHING Like This Program On The Market Today

Other programs you see online are based on correcting muscle imbalances, but you will not find the approach I offer here. Here’s how it’s different:

  • Other programs available only cover the exercises and stretches that are necessary to correct the problem – they don’t provide the entire integrated approach to living a LIFE of building foundational health and spinal stability through proper nutrition, stress reduction techniques, suggestions on sleeping postures, ergonomic work setup, and even brushing your teeth with good body alignment!

  • The Back To Stability Program provides VERY PRECISE instructions on how to perform each and every exercise, stretch, and self-mobilization – leaving no doubt that you’re doing it right. A 30-second demonstration clip often isn’t enough to fully cover the nuances of a particular movement. My instructions and detail cover everything you need to know about each corrective movement.

  • Unlike other products available, I have worked “in the trenches” with thousands of pain sufferers –helping them get their lives back from pain – giving you expert advice you just can’t find anywhere else.


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