The name Grinder PT comes from Navy SEAL trainees grinding down and re-building character with Physical Training (“PT”). In this program, Coach Divine and his team bring you to the SEALFIT “Grinder” which looks surprisingly like the actual Navy SEAL grinder.

On the grinder Coach Divine and crew will teach you to reach new heights in strength and endurance with this series of 7 videos. You will enjoy simple yet hard hitting movements in an easy to follow structure that will enhance your cardio, stamina, and durability of movement. Grinder PT is extremely effective and brings quick results using a wide variety of continuously varied body weight exercises and intensities.

Cycle these workout videos into your current training regimen or use them 2-3 times a week as your primary workout.

This Program Includes:

  • 7 unique videos focused on essential aspects of functional fitness

  • Unique programming to test your fortitude and resilience

  • Adaptable programming to keep your workout fresh and challenging

  • Downloadable access so you can take it anywhere and do it anytime

  • No equipment required!


    Advice – Take it slow. Don’t worry about matching the reps the coaches are doing.

    Goal – Your goal is to work on good form. Commit to using these workouts 2-3 times a week and you’ll see results.


    Advice – Use this program to learn new moves and challenge yourself in different ways.

    Goal – Your goal is to try to keep up with Mark and his teammates while maintaining a good form.


   Advice – Use these workouts as your warm-up or for targeted training.

    Goal – Need to modify to make it more intense? Our coaches can give you suggestions in the coaching forum.


Session 01 – SEALFIT Secret, Stamina.

Join Coach Divine and Interns as they get busy with the basic moves and minor adjustments that make a major impact on fitness. Planks, Flutter Kicks, Push Ups, Squats and more unconventional exercises will keep you breathing hard and staying focused throughout this 27 minute stamina testing adventure.

Session 02 – Master the Sandbag

Take a trip with some of your standard sandbag moves and a few fresh and challenging moves sprinkled in. Coach Divine and the SEALFIT interns lead you through a 20 minute session that will create a new bond between you and your favorite tool. Stick with it and enjoy a few laughs along they way as you find out who is the master, you or your sandbag?

Session 03 – Lower Body Burner

Equipment is optional in this PT Grinder session that is guaranteed to fire up your glutes and quads. Grab your dumbbells and box jumps or do body weight only as Coach Divine makes good on his promise to get you SEALFIT in this 24 minutes excursion.

Session 04 – The Test

In This PT Session you will get the rare opportunity to Join Coach Mark and John as they blow up a private academy. You will go the distance with simple moves like arm circles, planks, burpees, and leg levers. Simple enough for everyone, or so they look? Keep up or die trying in this 40 minute mini crucible.

Session 05 – Crazy to the Core

Build the foundation of all your training in this core centric PT Session. Join Coach Mel and Michael as they chisel away at your abs in this 25 minutes.

Session 06 – SEALFIT 10 Domains

Touch on each of the 10 SEALFIT Domains of fitness in this endurance based session. Just keep moving through this fun and energetic grinder PT. Flip, jump, crunch and pull at a steady pace for 28 heart pumping minutes.

Session 07 – PT Battle

Coach Divine invites you to join him in an unforgettable PT session combining cardio, strength and combat. You will be empowered by this hard hitting video and may even take away a few new moves.

Session 08 – BONUS – Programming Grinder PT

Follow Coach Divine as he shows you how to program your own version of Grinder PT to vary your workouts.


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