How To Turn A Friend To Be Your LOVER… Secrets Of Turning ‘Ordinary’ Conversations Into Sizzling Hot Sexual Encounters… Every Single Time!

Turning a friend into a ‘lover’.. advancing from a “just friends” dynamic into a sexual one is an extremely FRAGILE situation, one wrong move and you’re finished.
She might feel weird, make excuses that she’s “busy” and end up NEVER calling you again.
On the flipside, it’s not easy being friends with her either…
How many times has she complained about how lonely she is… while you’re sitting right there in front of her, wishing you could have her?

It’s no different from her stabbing a knife
right into your heart every single time she does that… At the same
time, have you ever wondered:- Why is it that women liked hanging out with you, but none of them wanted to sleep with you?- Why do the women you really liked always end up together with someone else EXCEPT you…
– Why do they have sex with jerks who didn’t
even care about them, when they could be with someone who loves her,
understands her better than anyone else and would do just about ANYTHING
for her… like you?
The missing link within any ‘fire-less’ male-female relationship lies in the absence of SEXUAL COMMUNICATION. The art of “sexy communication”, sexual flirting, and teasing by itself forms a MAJOR part within the secret language of SEDUCTION.
You’ll have instant access to
SEVENof our best advanced female persuasion and seduction modules:
#1 — (Video): Secrets of Seducing Top-Quality “Perfect 10” Women: You’ll learn how to deal with “bitch-shields”, enhance her experiences when you’re around whilst quietly (but surely) drawing her into you… without her even knowing!
#2 — (CD Recording) Sexual Escalation and Getting Physical With Women:
This is an actual recording from one of my personal one-on-one coaching
sessions where I take my client through the exact steps of sexual
escalation especially when you’re out with a woman you like.
#3 — Report: What To Say To A Naked Woman: You’ll learn how to make a woman feel intimately comfortable, secure and safe with you. The “safer” she feels, the more she’ll do for you 🙂
#4 — (CD Recording) One-On-One With Sexual Master… Jason Lane: You’ll discover how to easily bring out the “naughty side” of
any woman! It’s PROVEN that ALL women have a naughty side simply
waiting to come out to play… and if you’re able to bring this side out
effectively, sex with you becomes inevitable!
This is a “once in a lifetime” rare glimpse
into the mind of how Jason escalates, moves fast and moves smooth to
getting sexual with any woman he wants… you’ll find this very
*enlightening*… for sure *wink*
#5 — Case Study: How To and Repair “Mistakes” You’ve Done With Women and Come Back Stronger Than Ever!: You are sure to goof up and make blunders every now and then… This report by itself is gold… You don’t want to miss it!
#6 — The Secret Key To Reading A Woman’s Mind:
Facial expressions, body language and subtle woman signals are
complete giveaways to what’s in their hearts and minds… You’ll learn
what they are and how to best “use” them to get what you want from the women you want.
#7 — (CD Recording) Flirting and Teasing Women With Bill Preston: This is where you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to move your conversations towards sex… no more guessing “what to do” or “what to say” next with the funny and sexy Bill Preston 🙂

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