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XTrain is the ultimate total body fitness conditioning program that has been designed to crush calories, incinerate fat and work and tone your muscles like never before. XTrain comes with four different workout programs ranging from 30 to 90 days, but XTrain has also been uniquely designed by Cathe to fit almost anyone’s hectic schedule. With over 140 Premix workouts there are hundreds of ways the XTrain program can be done, so no more excuses!

So what do you get when you combine kick butt cardio workouts with the most effective undulating toning workouts, great music, tons of premixes, detailed chapter menus and beautiful filming? A system that stands in a league of its own The XTrain series!


Cathe Friedrich – 1. Super Cuts. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 2. Leg. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 3. Cardio Leg Blast. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 4. Chest, Back amp Shoulders. XTrain

Cathe Friedrich – 5. Bi’s and Tri’s. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 6. Burn Sets Сhest, Back amp Shoulders. XTrain

Cathe Friedrich – 7. Burn Sets Bi’s and Tri’s. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 8. Hard Strikes. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 9. All Out Low Impact HiiT. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 10. Tabatacise. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 11. Burn Sets Core. Xtrain

Cathe Friedrich – 12. Super Cuts Core. Xtrain


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