The ebook “The Ugly Man’s Guide to Getting Laid” by Matthew Doeing provides its readers the techniques on how to approach women and how to make them want you instead.

List of Topics Covered:

– How To pick up a sensational woman

– How to create that certain confidence

– How to ‘break the ice’ with any woman

– How to turn a ruthless witch into a kitten

– How to be tagged a ‘great communicator’ by women

– How to score big with the ladies by checking out men

– How to use rare foreplay secrets before your next love session

– What you absolutely must not do when you first meet a woman

– The 2 things you MUST know before approaching any woman

– How To pick up a sensational woman in less than 60 seconds

– How you easily capture her phone number and email address

– A so-simple-it’s-stupid way to pick up women while picking out

– Do this, then this, as soon as you enter the bar and you will not go home alone

– How to gently and covertly ‘bend’ any conversation with a lovely lady to the direction you want it to go

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