MindValley – Quantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping: Create a brand new you by projecting your consciousness into a multiverse of infinite possibilities
Based on the work of the late mind science pioneer Burt Goldman, Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization method like no other. Harness your mind to meet alternate versions of you in the multiverse: and embody the wisdom, abilities, and inspiration you need to design your ultimate reality.

Psycho-Cybernetics – The Zero Resistance Living System

Jobless –> Happily Employed
C and D Student –> Honor Roll
Physical weakling –> Human Dynamo
Addicted to tobacco, etc. –> Free of Addictions
Lousy athlete or coach –> Winning Athlete or Coach
Wannabe writer –> International best-selling author
Procrastinator –> Someone who gets things done
Deeply in Debt –> Multi-millionaire
Fearful –> Fearless
Nervous Tension –> Peace of Mind