Attention Men:

Don’t Let “Them” Rob Your Strength,
Drain Your Potency
And Turn You into a Woman…

You Can Stop Estrogens from Feminizing Your Body!

Enjoy Great Sex and Peak Health – Now!

Dear Sir,

My name is Dr. Al Sears and I have something important to tell you…

As a man today, you may actually have more “female” estrogen than the male hormone, testosterone. I know, it sounds absurd. And you’re probably thinking, “not me!” But for most men living in America today, it’s all too real. And it’s not good. In fact, it’s downright dangerous…

It causes prostate cancer, heart disease, impotence and a host of other problems. And, it will gradually “unman” you.

Fact: Many modern chemicals closely resemble estrogen. These hormone look-a-likes get into your body and send powerful and confusing messages to your tissues and organs. They can feminize your body and wreak havoc on your sex life.

“My energy levels are up to the point where I can exercise in the gym – something I haven’t done in years. I feel optimistic when I wake up in the morning and I’m more productive than I’ve ever been in my life. I strongly recommend his advice for men like myself.”— Kevin Freeland, Boca Raton, FL

That’s not all: Loss of muscle, ambition and sex drive will zap your enjoyment of life.

But here’s the good news…

You Can Get on the Fast Track to Super Manhood – Today!

My new book – 12 Secrets to Virility – exposes the dangers of estrogen and gives you quick and powerful ways to:

  • Toss Your Viagra in the Trash: My Simple 2-Step Strategy for Turbo-Charging Your Sexual Performance Will Keep You Rock Hard and Ready for Action – No Matter What Your Age.
  • Eat the Foods You Love – Guilt Free: Stop Torturing Yourself with Low-Fat “Health Food.” I’ll Show You How to Enjoy Your New York Strip and Improve Your Heart Health at the Same Time.
  • Live Pain Free: Jump out of Bed, Run to the Store, Walk a Round of Golf… You’ll Use the Quick and Easy Solutions that Slash Your Risk of Arthritis and Wipe Out Joint Pain Forever.

Never again will you have to listen to a doctor tell you, “It’s just part of the aging process…” 12 Secrets to Virility will reveal the real truth about male health and aging.

More importantly, the secrets you will learn will transform you. You’ll lose your gut, strengthen your body and regain youthful sexuality. Starting as soon as you begin practicing the secrets in 12 Secrets to Virility

Now You Can Benefit from Thousands of Success Stories –
Real Men, Just Like You, Refusing to Give Up the Pleasures of Youth

For twenty years, I’ve focused my medical practice and research on the physical and sexual problems in men over 40.

12 Secrets to Virility gives you what I’ve learned from my experience. It reveals exactly what I use in my own practice to restore the physical and sexual vitality of my male patients. Powerful secrets that re-ignite their sex lives and turn them back into real men.

You Can Beat Estrogen and Regain Masculinity and Power as a Man

For example, one of my patients, Jay Morgan, recently came to see me with fatigue, low energy and low sex drive.

“The transformation is miraculous. I’m definitely stronger and a lot leaner. And, I can’t believe how fast it worked.Life is good again. I’m so alert and energetic, anything is possible now.”

— Jay Morgan, South Bend, IN

Then we took action and used the first secret in 12 Secrets to Virility … His testosterone soared and estrogen plummeted. He lost 35 pounds of fat and built 33 pounds of muscle. He looks masculine and full of energy.

Hundreds of men at my clinic have turned their lives around using the same easy-to-apply techniques you’ll get in 12 Secrets to Virility.

Through all my research and years of private practice, one thing is clear…

Modern Medicine Ignores the Loss of Strength, Energy and Sexual Potency Caused by Our Modern (And Toxic) Environment

Imagine losing 35 pounds of fat in a matter of weeks (like JM did)…

Or celebrating your 70th birthday by pulling an all-nighter in the bedroom…

I see it everyday. Men are coming to me from all over the world – waking up to more power, more ambition, more strength – than they ever thought possible.

You too can re-awaken your power as a man. And, it’s easier than you think. None of it requires doctor visits or drugs. These solutions are simple, safe and natural. And best of all, you’ll see results almost immediately.

With Your Testosterone Up, You’ll Feel Invincible

If estrogen is the problem, testosterone is the solution. Testosterone is the hormone that makes you a man. When you don’t have enough, it makes you less manly. Low testosterone causes:

  • Bone loss and a higher risk of osteoporosis-related bone fractures.[1]
  • Loss of lean muscle and strength.
  • Compromised immune function and lower resistance to a host of diseases.
  • Slowed mental function and reaction times.
  • Loss of sex drive and eventually impotence.
  • Increasing body fat especially around the gut.
  • Mood swings and depression. (While boosting testosterone dramatically improves mood and reverses depression and fatigue.)[2]

Important: All these problems are magnified when, in addition to losing your testosterone, you are gaining estrogen!

And, the modern world is full of industrial chemicals that mimic estrogen. They have been proven to decrease male vitality. (In one interesting study, alligators living near industrial runoff in Florida had progressively smaller penises. Now some have such small penises they can’t perform sexually!)[3]

But you don’t need to be around industrial runoff to be exposed to estrogens.

And it’s not just chemicals. If you haven’t taken steps to prevent it, you are eating estrogens every night with your dinner. Just about all the meat and poultry you eat is pumped full of estrogen. (Estrogen makes the animals grow faster with more weight and fat.)

Men who are losing testosterone and ingesting estrogen can expect:

  • Shrinkage: Your penis actually shrinks. If you can get it up, it’s not as hard as it used to be. Pretty soon, you could lose your ability to penetrate at all.
  • Loss of Memory: When estrogen rises and testosterone drops, your ability to reason and make decisions falters. Your creativity and memory start to fade.
  • Accelerated Aging: Your ability to heal slows; your skin becomes paper-thin. Your posture slumps from loss of bone and muscle. You’re old before your time.

Have More Sex… More Ambition… More Gusto…
Stronger Muscles… Bigger Dreams…

“When I first met Dr. Sears, I didn’t think anyone could help me. I had no energy… not motivated to do much of anything. But within 3 months, I started to feel years younger. Last week I turned 73 and feel fantastic. I can walk 18 holes, have a few beers and throw a steak on the grill. I even have a new girlfriend – imagine, at my age! What can I say? Dr. Sears achieved what I thought was impossible. I owe him everything…”

— Jack Carter, Palm Beach, FL

12 Secrets to Virility shows you exactly how to prevent or cure all these problems and fully restore your male potency and power.

After using it, you’ll be looking at life with a new set of options. You’ll start to see opportunities that weren’t there before…

What’s your biggest goal? The one you haven’t achieved yet? Starting the novel you haven’t written? Setting out on the new career path you haven’t taken?

Wouldn’t you jump at a chance to feel the rush of excitement you had in your twenties? How about the energy to travel the world? Or the gusto to enjoy an active sex life? What’s the point having a fat nest egg if you’re too tired – or sick – to enjoy it?

The 12 Secrets to Virility gives you the tools you need to transform yourself into superman. With secrets that are simple, safe and easy.

And listen to this: Lowering your estrogen and boosting your testosterone is only one of 12 strategies included 12 Secrets to Virility.

With 12 Secrets to Virility, you learn how to:

  • Eat Food Fit for a Man: Don’t Fall for the Biggest Con of Our Time. Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease And Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat. Learn From Your Ancestors and Get Back On the Path of Vibrant Health.
  • Stay Virile to 100: Learn to Measure the “Bio-Markers” of Aging. These Hidden Forces Determine How Quickly You Age. You Can Take Steps to Reverse Them. This Puts the Power of Choice Back in Your Hands.
  • Rebuild a Super Healthy Heart: Find out Why Your Heart is Starving for Energy – and Which Miracle Nutrient Can Revitalize it.
  • Boost Your Brain: Your Brain Shrinks as You Get Older – Robbing You of Memory and the Ability to Think Clearly. But that Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sit Back and Let it Happen. Discover the Nutrients that Reawaken a Youthful and Razor-Sharp Mind.

Every day, your testosterone is dropping while your estrogen is rising – Unless you do something about it now, you’ll soon be robbed of your ability to have sex, solve problems and achieve your goals.

Make sure you don’t end up on the sidelines feeling fat, slow and defeated! It is critical you get your hands on 12 Secrets to Virility.

Order now and get a valuable free gift…

Your FREE Charter Membership to Health Confidential

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  • Hold onto Your Sexual Fire and Desire – Far Into Old Age.
  • Boost Your “Health Span” and Add Years – Healthy Years – to Your Life.
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But I’m not stopping there…

E-Mails Keep You Well-Informed and Well-Connected

As a bonus, you’ll get my privately circulated patient advisories, Doctor’s House Call.

A $69 value, Doctor’s House Call will give you up-to-date advice on new supplements, warnings about dangerous drugs and news to prevent heart disease, cancer and impotency.

I’ll tell you what’s important in the news – and how to make it work for you.

Finally! Real Answers to the Common Problems Every Man Has

If you do nothing, then you are allowing yourself to give up everything that makes life worth living in the first place.

Sex… Strength… Memory… Ambition…

There’s no reason to do that. Everything you need to reverse the damaging effects of our modern estrogen-laden world and regain your masculine power will be in your hands.

So take action today! Reply to this letter by following the link below. It’s that easy.

For the price of lunch, you can protect your right to live like a real man with
12 Secrets to Virility

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The road to lifelong power and potency starts right here – now! So join me today. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

To Your Good Health,

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