The Project:Yourself home training course is a series of transformational learning sessions based on the 9 levels of the Sri Yantra

Using the Sri Yantra as a map, I want to personally program you, through a sequence of online lessons in the Project:Yourself home training course… with every single Reality Hack I’ve applied to get to where I’m at.

Aiming for a raise or promotion at work? Need to grow your business? Connect with your spiritual side? Reinvent yourself? Find a partner? Master a new skill? Make an impact in your community or field of work? Get fitter and healthier?

The real beauty of the Project:Yourself experience is that it makes any personal goal like this possible by reaching deep within you… and flipping on the switch to powers that have been hidden in you and around you all along.

In other words, I’m not here to transform you into one of those people who achieves the impossible.

I’m here to nudge you over the verge of greatness, where you now stand… and prove that you already are one.

Dozens of high-definition video lessons spread out over 9 exhilarating levels…

These sessions are packed with immersive multi-sensory experiences, including deep dive meditations and element infusion exercises that light up your 6 senses. Your jaw will drop when you feel these tools activating your hidden powers, and channeling your infinite inner energy into your career, wealth, relationships and health.

Easy-to-follow tutorials

On how some of history’s greatest achievers – from Napoleon Hill to Sir Richard Branson – use ancient wisdom, natural phenomena and ‘fringe’ science to bend the rules of reality in their favor. For instance, in Level 2 you’ll learn how to use your raw Sexual Energy to skyrocket your productivity at work. And in Level 7 you’ll learn how to harness the Sacred Geometry found in nature and human architecture to gain an almost superhuman empathy with the world around you.

You’ll learn how to supercharge your 6 senses, so you can soak in more of the world around you

Throughout the program you’ll learn how to invoke your 5 senses, plus your sixth sense of intuition to achieve a higher state of consciousness – whether it’s at work, in your health or in your relationships.

Imagine using specifically engineered audio to drift upwards into a more relaxed state of mind… or using color psychology to focus on an image that puts your entire life into clarity… or honing your intuition to a level that’s so sharp, you know exactly what the person you’re talking to really feels about what you’re saying… and you’ll have an idea of what’s possible when you put your 6 senses to full use.

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