A two hour video of inductions, suggestions, and secrets, for the beginner to advanced.
Rapid induction, Elman Induction, progressive relaxation, and more.

Suggestibility tests- how to discover is your subject is suggestible, and how to eliminate their fear that they cannot be hypnotized

Your Hypnotic Voice- how to train your voice to be hypnotic, not boring, and to have to most powerful effect on your subject.

FIVE things you should avoid at ALL COSTS, that may prevent your subject from being hypnotized!

Rapid inductions- including the famous DAVE ELMAN 3 minute induction.

Learn to put your subject in trance slowly or quickly.

Wendi has appeared on National TV, radio, and in major magazines. Learn from an expert, in a fast paced, fun and intensive TWO HOUR video. Before you even consider any other hypnosis how-to video, find out how long it is and how successful the hypnotist is.
(many training videos are under and hour and have little relevant content)

TWO free gifts with this video-
Induction Book, with 30 different detailed inductions, word for word
The Hypnotic Journey CD, with the myths of hypnosis and a full length TimeLine hypnosis session. This one will blow your mind!

Learn to Hypnotize Anyone…

Learn the basic and most important principles of hypnosis from this entertaining video. Professionally edited, fast paced and fun…
Wendi will show you how to master the inductions, suggestions, language patterns, suggestibility tests, hypnotic voice training, rules of the mind, post-hypnotic suggestions, compounding suggestions, ideo-motor responses, dream programming, metaphor creation, and more. This video includes the famous Dave Elman Induction.

Eliminate Stress, lower blood pressure and relieve pain, in just a few minutes.

Excellent for beginners who want to learn many elements of hypnosis.
Mastery of Inductions
Eye fixation
Elman induction
Progressive Relaxation
Deepening inductions
Touch deepening techniques
Suggestibility tests, secret techniques
Rules of the mind
Creating expectation
Ideo-motor questioning and responses
Depth testing for hypnosis
Post hypnotic suggestions
Compounding suggestions for powerful results
Metaphors- how to create and use
Language patterns
Permissive and authoritative hypnosis inductions and suggestions
Dream programming, complex problem solving
Re-induction anchors
Emerging techniques
Reinforce and integration of suggestions during the “coming up”

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