The Mastery of Sleep Quest with Dr. Michael Breus is designed to systematically hack your environment and your hormonal system to trigger deep sleep based on your unique circadian rhythm (also known as Chronotype).

As you progress through this 28-day Quest, you’ll learn how to use the latest science of sleep to identify your ideal bedtime, the number of hours of sleep your mind and body really needs (hint: the 8-hour sleep is a complete myth), and how to reprogram your mind and body to wake up energized without ever needing an alarm clock.

By the end of the Quest, you’ll quickly notice just how much easier and faster you fall asleep, and night-waking becomes rarer and rarer.

No matter how many frustrating nights of restlessness you’ve endured in the past – just let Dr. Breus guide you through the process. And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying some of the most blissful, uninterrupted sleep of your life – night after night after night.

Quest Curriculum

Week 1 – Sleep 101

Your journey begins by building the foundation for deep sleep. You’ll go on a fascinating deep dive into the science of sleep as you get a clear understanding of what really needs to happen to your mind, body and environment for a good night’s rest.

Week 2 – Your New Direction

Your environment is a key pillar to a night of blissful sleep. Michael will take you by the hand and show you how you can turn your bedroom into a ‘sleep haven’ that automatically triggers your mind and body to easily drift into a deep sleep.

Week 3 – Your Mind & Body

By this stage of the Quest, you’ll already start seeing massive improvements in both the duration and quality of your sleep. This chapter will show you how to take it a step further by reprogramming your mind and body so you’re not only sleeping better but you’re waking up fully energized.

Week 4 – Sleep Robbers & Solutions

Tie everything together in this wrap-up chapter as you explore powerful hacks to curb jet lag, how to nap the right way, and the best ways to sidestep some of the most common “sleep robbers” that may have sabotaged your sleep in the past.


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