The Force of Nature within You

“Follow me, as I demonstrate to you, that reality is a servant of your magnificent mind.” – Arash Zepar Dibazar


Guard your mind

Everyone knows, that the most important thing in your life is your mind. The quality of your thoughts and the way you use your mind will determine the quality of your life. It can be used to elavate you and give you freedom or to destroy and enslave you. What do you choose?

The people around us, the media, our job, all of these things are affecting our mind and give us frames and ideas, that we carry with us, which means, that if we don’t look out, we will adapt a role, that we didn’t want. So ask yourself: Are you currently living the role you always wanted?

“Follow me, as I demonstrate to you, that reality is a servant of your magnificent mind.” – Arash Zepar Dibazar

How to use the law of attraction

Everyone knows the law of attraction and yet many don’t know how to apply it in their lives. There are many misconceptions and many unanswered questions.

Remember, that certain decisions, actions and thoughts will expand and attract certain types of people, jobs and concequences into your life. So ask yourself: Do you know how to attract the right things into your life? Do you know how to attract a better job, a better relationship, new opportunities and new chances into your life?

Arash Zepar Dibazar himself has used the law of attraction to achieve a high level of success in life, get many beautiful women, become a selfmade millionaire and live the rockstar lifestyle.

Your true expression

“Your expression in every moment, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, is an expression of who you are to the universe and the universe will respond as such” – Arash Zepar Dibazar, Supernatural

We have much more control on our life, than we were made to believe. Know, that the condition we live in right now will not define our destiny. What will define our future is the way we express ourselves to the world, so ask yourself: Are you being you right now? Are you walking, talking and living the way you want or the way society approves of?

Listen to Arash Zepar Dibazar as he explains to you how to find your own true voice and how to display it to the world.

Supernatural will teach you

  • To become more successful, your mind has to focus on the right things. What do you have to focus on to be better with women, money and fitness?

  • How to find your own true voice.

  • How to protect your mind from negative thoughts and stand firm while facing obstacles.

  •   What is your task in nature and how can knowing this completly change the way you live your life?

  •   How to make sure the universe/god will always provide for you?

  • How to set yourself free from your fears and limitations

  • One secret to improve your relationships instantly.


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