The Most ADVANCED Program To Give You Self-Awareness

Featuring 50 Live Coaching Calls Every Year Leading You To TRUE Self-Esteem, Confidence, And Fulfillment

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Weekly Coaching Calls
with David Tian Ph.D.

Join the weekly LIVE Awakenings Coaching call where David Tian Ph.D answers your questions on masculinity, relationships, psychology, philosophy, and life.

You’ll find it almost effortless to break through your problems with personalised coaching and advice.

VALUE: $5,000.00+ per year

Access To Awakenings
Aura Transformation’s Most Advanced Training Ever

With NEW training every week, you’ll overcome the limits that have been holding you back your entire life and awaken your true self.
It’s the path to the happiness and fulfillment you deserve… and the most authentic way to attract the people you desire into your life.

VALUE: $10,000.00+

Access to all past Live Shows in the Awakenings archive

Access to the Awakenings Archive with all previous Live Show Coaching Sessions available for you to learn from whenever you want, so you’ll always have resources to rely on.

VALUE: $3,000.00+

BONUS: The Perfect Date System Course

  • Over 5 Hours of digitally recorded material that you can watch immediately online, which was filmed in an underground training seminar that the participants paid $3,000-$5,000 each to attend. This course includes…
  • An easy to understand, quick-start Perfect Date Handbook that dives into the deeper concepts and techniques behind Perfect Dates
  • Learn how to smoothly make the critical transition that moves a date from “mundane” to “fun” to “sexual”. This key skill that most other men will NEVER master is the SECRET to forever avoiding boring dates that “go nowhere”
  • My powerful conversation technique that’ll ensure you never run out things to say on the date or suffer from “awkward silences.”
  • Lifetime Access

VALUE: $200.00+

Here’s a Sneak Peek of what you’ll discover in Awakenings…

  • The 3 poison emotions that run most men’s lives – into the ground (These 3 emotions are especially harmful in relationships, and it’s important that you get a handle on them if you want to be able to attract and KEEP a quality woman. Here’s how…)
  • When you have a vision to contribute to the world beyond yourself, your life becomes more fulfilling – and you attract higher quality women. Here’s how to use your natural talents to find and contribute to a project that inspires you, enriches your life, and makes a positive impact on the world.
  • The 5 biggest challenges guys face in the path to becoming REAL men… that cause most to “give up” and settle for mediocrity (These 5 things are the foundation of “Masculinity.” Here’s how to tackle each one, step-by-step… and finally become the type of man that ALL women want to brag to their friends about meeting)
  • As men, we are growing older every day… so if you’re not improving yourself as a man, you are not “standing still” but LOSING GROUND. To stay ahead on the treadmill of life, you must be CONSTANTLY evolving and taking yourself to higher levels… Here’s an easy way to guarantee you GAIN GROUND every day.
  • How to literally program your brain to automatically steer you towards happiness and success… and automatically attract the right quality women.

and much more…

Warning! This is Dr. Tian’s most advanced program. This may be too advanced for you if you haven’t already taken one or more of his other courses.

You’re Only One Awakening Away…

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