Women can be a very passionate affair, but to reverse a failing or mediocre mating life you need to set passion aside and approach the problem rationally. This is what this book is about, the rational path to sexual abundance.

The average man in the United States will have sex with around five or six women in his life, and he probably won´t be crazy for most of them. Divorce rates are at 50%. The “seduction” industry and online dating have never been bigger. Clearly men aren’t happy with the quantity or quality of their women. The reason, as you will see, is that we are hardwired with emotions that evolved during ancient social environments that were unrecognizable to today’s. Those ancient environments are long gone, but the emotions and behaviors they created are still with us, because the genes that create our brain evolve painfully slow. But modern social conditions have never been more favourable for the common man. The sex life of a king is yours for the taking. All you need is to adjust your mating behavior to the social reality of the 21st century. That’s it. I will show you how this is done.

I won’t promise you that when you’re finished reading you’ll be able to have any woman you want. You won’t. Nor will I promise a secret technique that will effortlessly have women approaching you. Unless you’re a celebrity or a millionaire, that’s never going to happen, and we’ll see why in the first two chapters. Freeing yourself from these destructive ideas is half the game, and if you are willing to abandon them I can assure you no other book will transform your relationship with women as quickly and dramatically. It is your best chance of turning the corner and joining the elite group of men who can have more women than they know what to do with.

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