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Jason: Yo, what’s going on pimp? It’s Jason Capital here and welcome to the Harvey Specter Formula. You have made a fantastic decision choosing to take more action and bet on yourself with this quick, smart, powerful training today where I am going to install 15 of the most powerful behaviors of Harvey Specter into your subconscious and download it right into your brain.

By the time we’re done, by the time you go out this afternoon or tonight or next weekend, you are literally doing, being, thinking, acting, and getting the results like the great Harvey Specter does as well.

For some of this training in this audio, I actually have a friend with me who’s going to be chiming in with some value where he sees fit for the first part of this. Want to introduce yourself real quick surprise guest?

Ryan: What up guys? It’s Ryan Magin here. You might know me as the Handsome Guy.

Jason: A lot of people don’t know this but Ryan actually just refers to himself as the Handsome Guy.

Ryan: Yep.
Jason: The response on girls’ faces is typically awesome. Actually it’s about

Ryan: How could you argue it?
Jason: Yep. And if they argue now you guys have tension between you guys.

Ryan: Yeah. Now we have banter.

Jason: You can’t lose. You really can’t lose when you’re on Team Capital. We do have our resident handsome guy expert Ryan Magin with us. You guys obviously know Harvey Specter is a great dresser as well. That being said, let’s get right into this shit. All right?

First of all before we even begin, the first time I saw Suits, it was probably three years ago. Team Capital was already a little bit on the rise and someone had told me that there’s this guy named Harvey Specter on this show called Suits that I would really enjoy and I should check him out. He’s kind of like an alpha male bad ass.

I watched the first episode. I got to tell you, when people tell me this kind of shit, I typically assume that they’re retarded and what they’re going to tell me is wrong because they don’t know what a real alpha male is and it’s not going to be as legit as they promised.

I watched the first episode and by the end of it, I just have a total soul boner for Harvey Specter. I am just enamored with what I just saw. The man’s body language, his tonality, the way he sees life, the way he takes action, the way he directs, the way he looks at women, he flirts with them. He is on point on every fucking level.

I literally went on a Suits binge for the next few months after that watching every episode multiple times. As I typically do, I had my video editor put together a special Harvey Specter 60 minute thing with some of his best clips that I watch a lot to kind of install some of what he does into my subconscious so I can really get that deeper in there. I really made a full study of Harvey Specter.

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