How to Make People Do What You Want Them To Do – Not What They Want To Do

When first published in the UK in 1995, the Manipulation Black Book was touted as the “worthy successor to Machiavelli’s The Prince” by the Sunday Times newspaper. This valuable resource has been out of print for more than 20 years, and is now available exclusively through for the first time.

  1. The “Soulmate” Tactic. If she doesn’t like you, then it’s impossible for you to manipulate her. Use this tactic to go under her defenses and hit it where it hurts most: the one biggest vulnerable spot in her psyche.

  2. Covert Recon. Learn how to uncover her weak points with “Covert Recon” listening strategies and then exploit those weaknesses to make her surrender completely to your dominance.

  3. Objection Judo. A magical line you can deliver to overturn her objections to you. Make her change her mind completely, and get her to feel as if she’s the one who is making that decision!

  4. Fake Commonality. Use this shrewd psychology tactic to find common grounds so that she feels compelled to agree with you. When you are able to make her comply to your smaller requests, she’ll find it hard to refuse you further down the line.

  5. “I Don’t Need You”. Use a role reversal strategy to completely knock her off and get her to come chasing you – after you’ve build intrigue and desire inside her for you. This will be enough to seal the deal if you do it right.

This updated version of the Manipulation Black Book is annotated with Derek Rake’s own notes and cross-references the exact Shogun Method® technique that you can use in combination to manipulate a woman. Together, the combo of Derek Rake’s Shogun Method® and Jordan Hill’s Manipulation Black Book represents the best Mind Control seduction resource available anywhere in the world today.


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