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Designed To Radically Improve Your Persuasive Powers In As Little A Eight Hours…

Unlike persuasion courses that teach you a 1001 language patterns and hope you can figure out what pattern to use, Purest Persuasion reveals ‘the logic of persuasion‘, the secrets behind how people change their minds, say yes and become persuaded without force, ethically questionable tactics or coercion…  and for the first time reveals how you can ethically and elegantly persuade others conversationally too, even if you think you’re not good at getting others to say yes to your ideas!

Learn the psychology to elegant conversational persuasion. Discover cutting edge tools and  strategies behind Master Persuader Michael Breen’s very own step-by-step system of Purest Persuasion, inside this Brand New Home Study course.

Discover A Radically Different Way To Persuade

We call it ‘Purest Persuasion’ and it begins and ends inside the person who you are relating with and seeking to influence.

An approach that guides the listener to discover what has the feeling of truth with it.

Truth they find compelling.

Truth they are willing to act on.

The kind of persuasion that makes TOTAL SENSE to them!

It removes problems. Creates possibilities.

FEELS real.

Makes answering “yes!” easy.

We’ve all enjoyed being persuaded like that from time to time.


no products or programs on persuasion teach you how to persuade this way, systematically.

In part because most trainers and authors:

  • Only know how to persuade using short-term ‘one-hit’ outside-in persuasion

  • Don’t know how to track the beliefs, values and game-rules that underpin a person’s model of the world in real time (this is where the real opportunity to persuade effortlessly comes from)

  • Don’t understand the “logic of persuasion”, how to design a persuasion process that  adapts itself to the mind of the listener so resistance is never a problem

  • Are still using an ethically questionable tactics that, day by day is becoming less and less effective

“The Best Type Of Persuasion”

(Hint: It’s the kind that doesn’t feel like persuasion at all!)

The best persuasion is persuasion that doesn’t feel like you are being persuaded at all.

Ideas arise in your mind and lead to action.

The entire process feels natural.

It is an inside-out approach to persuasion.

As an agent of influence of this elite form of persuasion, you don’t persuade so much as direct a listener’s attention purposefully, directing their mind to consider and evaluate ideas in novel and highly persuasive ways.

Ways that lead them to decide on a course of action – and then take action.

Unlike traditional approaches to persuasion rather than tell them what to think, what you do is guide them to think differently.

The action they take, feels like it was their thought alone.

And because it does, it is far more likely to stick and be acted upon.

I mean, who can resist their own thoughts?

“Discover How To Radically Improve Your Persuasive Powers,

Unlock The REAL Secrets of Persuasion Far More Powerful

Than ‘Covert’ Language Patterns And Sleazy Persuasion Tactics…

So You Can Ethically, Elegantly And Rapidly Persuade & Influence Anyone…


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