Level 1 Energy Awareness Training

Glenn Ackerman leads this fun, enlightening and life-changing 10-week online training program, where major shifts, recovery, and enlightenment take place. It is a totally new, unique and innovative concept developed and given by Glenn.

You will:

• Clear out and release all the stress of the week

• Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings

• Let go of all your anxiety, worry and fears

• Reduce and delete emotional distress

• Remove success blocks and self-sabotage

• Feel empowered and energized

• Increase your self-confidence and personal power

• Dramatically increase your recovery from any addiction

• Experience the energy/ecstasy/empowerment process

• Feel the presence of higher power

Using the latest research and tools in spirituality, recovery, energy medicine and personal development, Glenn has created an amazing experience where you can relieve your stress, let go of negative or stuck energy and low-vibration frequencies, and then experience a profound shift as he raises your energy to a very high vibration. In this state, you will experience total bliss as you connect to your full potential self and become one with Divine power. Here, you are unlimited and anything is possible, so manifesting the life that you desire becomes easy and effortless.

Content of the Energy Transformation Program:

  • What is high vibration and low vibration energy?

  • How can you tell the difference between high vibration and low vibration energy?

  • How can you detect holding patterns or a lock-in state of low vibration energy?

  • How can you dissolve low vibration energy

  • How can you resonate with and attract high vibration energy?

  • How can you begin the work of energy transformation in your life? (1. meditation, 2. breathing, 3. mental, and 4. relaxation exercises)

Benefits of the Energy Transformation Program:

  • You’ll develop energy awareness and energy consciousness

  • You’ll be able to determine how much of yourself is high vibration energy versus low vibration energy

  • You’ll be able to understand how both low vibration energy and high vibration energy affect you

  • You’ll be able to determine which experiences from your past are currently attracting low vibration energy into your life

  • You’ll be able to identify holding-patterns of low vibration energy that are currently preventing you from expanding and growing

  • You’ll learn to release low-vibration holding patterns

  • You’ll learn to resonate with high vibration energy and attract more high vibration energy into your life

  • You’ll learn practices which will allow you to work on yourself on a daily basis wherever you are: meditative practice, breathing practice, relaxation practice, and mental work


Level 2 Energy Awareness Training

It’s finally here!

Announcing Glenn Ackerman’s Level 2 Energy Awareness Training.

The results students reported from Level 1 were off the chart! Finally, a proven method to overcome years of frustration and futility in trying to overcome your energetic baggage and blockage and achieve the life of your dreams.

What you will learn:

• The next level of your energy platform

• Lazer methods for dissolving your LVE

• Instant techniques for changing energy on the spot

• The energetic process and release exercises for total energetic health

• How to identify hidden LVE traps around you

• Experience a greater download of HVE for greater results of all areas of your life

• Learn and control your energetic behavior codes for greater HVE power

• Safeguard and protect yourself from hidden LVE

• How to prepare yourself energetically to have the HVE relationship with the girl that’s right for you

• And much more…


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