This groundbreaking book describes how an average man, or woman, can use Pimp-derived principles practically in their everyday life to improve their control of money sex and happiness in relationships.

Astoundingly, Paradise’s values include honesty, ethics, free choice and positive interaction with others. There are no Cadillacs, violence or fur coats to be found in this book. The counter-manipulation tactics in 21st Century Fox blow even the most manipulative person out of the water.

With insight that only experience can build, he explains how you can start, finish or continue relationships in perpetuity on your own special terms and be as attractive as possible to the opposite sex, no matter your weight, background, social circle or wallet size.

How do you date women simultaneously, with them all aware of each other? How do you get women want to take you out, spoil you, get you gifts and take you on holiday? How do you ensure you are worshipped both in and out of bed? How do you have a relationship on your own terms and conditions? To many men the question is not “how” but rather, “is that possible?” The answers are here.

21st Century Fox is utterly unique in its concept. It’s the product of field-tested psychology and inner principles, with plenty of practical examples by a veteran rather than by an inquiring outsider. This book, which provides unique insight into relationships and human psychology inspired a whole generation of relationship gurus over the last decade.

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